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JUNE 1st 2000

Hi and welcome once again to your free Interactive Waterford and County newsletter and Pat Kiely's weekly comments.

June 1stI hope you have all been behaving yourselves all around Waterford Coumty, 'cause you never know when and where, Kiely might pop up with his trusty (as long as the batteries work) camera..His red hot little trigger finger, just itching to press the shutter button, and capture your image ready for all the world to see.

Mind you, it doesn't look as though we're in for much picture taking with the weather we are having at the moment around Waterford County although the experts say that a wet May is usually followed by a hot June!!!

Lets hope garden lover CAROLYN O'NEILL who arrived in Ireland from the States last night, gets some better weather for her holiday than the cold damp stuff we've had te last week or she had better find some indoor gardens to admire... still there always the Guinness if everything else fails.......Or even sliced bread?

Well according to CHRIS LENNON over in Britain his MAM reckons Kiely's new homepage is even better than sliced bread.. http://homepage.eircom.net/~patkiely

Funny really, 'cause there actually is a company in Waterford called Kiely's Bread, (but no relative to himself)

But first.....

We start this week with a story about the Fairfield in 'Botany' Lismore, which is being churned up to make way for a housing development..and not all the residents who live there are happy!

A VIEW SOON TO BE GONE FOR EVER!.. Photo:The Diggers Move In!

In County Tipperary the famous Rock Of Cashel is these days a very popular tourist attraction, but any tourist gazing N.E. from this elevated ground which was once the residence of the ancient High Kings of Ireland might wonder what persuaded the town planners to allow permission a few years ago for a modern industrial estate to be built slap bang in the middle of nearby unspoilt open countryside instead of hidden away in a less scenic area. .....................Click for larger photo!

Talking of planning permission the view from Lower New Street ‘Botany’ of St. Carthage’s Cathedral, Lismore is about to change forever.

This week large machines and mechanical diggers moved onto land known as the Fairfield to prepare the ground for the building of new houses which are to be erected over the next few months and also possibly on some adjoining land at the other side of Hospital Lane.

When this happens the view from New Street of the Catholic Cathedral, well known to ‘Botany’ people the world over since the original high wall around the field was lowered over twenty years ago will be no more.

Not everyone is happy with the plans for this latest housing development and some older residents still remember with annoyance the closing of the old Lismore railway station which in the early part of the last century welcomed King Edward to the town.

‘We were told back in the 1960s that train travel was uneconomic and that the tearing up of miles of railway tracks in and around County Waterford was necessary, said one local resident whose house overlooks the Fairfield, but lots of people wish there was a station here today.’

‘I feel it would have been much better to have built a Millennium Park there instead of a housing estate, she added.

Lets hope that this new housing development in Lismore will be done with the utmost sensitivity and respect for this ancient monastic town, or St Carthage who founded the place around 636 AD may not be the only one likely to turn in his grave!.



Photo: Tom and Kit Fennessey and 3 Young Collectors. ......

People in NeedRecently caught in Lismore on Kiely’s Camera were octogenarians Paddy and Kit Fennessey who were nabbed by these enthusiastic young collectors from the Presentation School and the Lismore CBS who were out and about collecting money for People in Need Day marked in the town later by a human chain between the Presentation and CBS schools, organised by Foriage.

Daily Mass goers Paddy and Kit were only to happy to help Niamh Ryan (13),John Fenton, (12)and Olivia Roche (13) in their efforts to raise money for this worthwhile cause.



They say the ancient Druid people of Ireland were very clever because they were able to plot the path of the sun’s rays and could tell in advance when and where these would illuminate, even through a small hole in a rock, the innards of an ancient underground monument like the Newgrange Tunnel burial chamber which fills with sunshine each annual Solstice morning.

So clever, and impressive that even our Taoiseach Bertie and his ‘friend’ queued up from early morning to witness the event a few months back.

Some of this Druidic genius must have been handed down to the present day planners and builders of bank cash dispensers, who seem to know exactly where to install their ‘hole in the wall’ machines to attract maximum sunlight effect to their screens, at certain times of the day and especially when the bank itself is closed.

On a sunny day in Dungarvan recently, Kiely saw an extra long queue of people at around 4 pm queuing at the AIB Cash Point and decided to investigate why!

The group including some tourists who were staying at the nearby Lawlor’s Hotel, were one by one, bowing, squinting and peering at the tiny dispenser screen, not in honour or worship of this object of 21st Century mammon, but because they were trying with difficulty, to withdraw some cash and check what holiday spending money they still had left.

In the same queue were several older people, apparently too embarrassed to ask for help, who after reaching the machine, were leaving soon after without drawing out the cash they had obviously come for.

The reason for all this delay it seems is that at around 4 pm the sun shines directly onto the dimly lit screen making it almost impossible to read the information presented, even for those with 20/ 20 vision.

Kiely wonders if perhaps Allied Irish Bank are trying to save electric by not brightening up the screen or are they perhaps hoping that one day their sunlit hole in the wall machine, might become a tourist attraction like the Newgrange Tunnel or the Stonehenge Monument in England and eventually even warrant a visit from our Taoiseach himself!



Strollin'Paddy Leahy and his sister Kathleen French from Tallow, are seen here a little while back enjoying the early summer sunshine in Tallow.

Paddy and his sister and their brother John were born in the area and although Paddy spent many years in England they all think there town is the best place in Ireland!


E-MAILS: Hi Pat! says KAREN DE BITETTO,from the USA who wonders if we are related. My father was John J. Kiely, His father was William Kiely (Missouri) I am very new at the internet, Karen says, But I would like to find out more about the Kiely's. (Hope u like what u find Karen!)


Hi Pat, says CHRIS LENNON (whose Mam loves Kiely's sliced bread) after been put in touch with his brother's long lost friend BILL LANE who had contacted Kiely through Local Ireland, after recognising a name mentioned in this section of W&CW, a few weeks back.

Bill had been trying to contact Chris's older brother and class mate, Gerry for a long time, and was thrilled to be put in touch through this column.

Chris added, Your column is a god send for us second generation Irish exiles scattered around the globe! Keep up the good work! (I'll do my best Chris.)


'It was wonderful to get your note and to see that all's well in Waterford,'Says DECLAN Mc CANN over there in Canada, who emailed to say that his dad Kevin who used to be a Doctor in Touraneena, now in his 80s is alive and keeping, reasonably well.

His dad who still loves Irish music emigrated to Newfoundland in 1965.


'Thanks Pat,' said MOLL in the USA, I enjoy reading the Waterford news each week, God Bless.


Thanks to WILLIAM G BILTON, Ph.D. Dean, St.Joseph's House of Studies, at EWTN Catholic TV Staion who went to great trouble to locate the text of a braodcast sermon for An Irish monk Fr ATHONASIOUS at Mount Melleray Abbey, nr Cappoquin, County Waterford.


Hello to one of my regular correspondents, PAT E.WILLIAMS, who loves the horses that graze across the road from Kiely's Cottage. and would just love to know who does the flowers? Pat just can't wait to visit Ireland again. (and when u get here Pat I'll tell you!)


DIRDRE QUANE, says, 'I was born in Waterford and spent the 1st 10 years there before moving to Dublin in 1974 does anyone remember me?' (Let's find out Deirdre)


Thanks to all of you who have been in touch over the last week, I love the feedback, so keep it coming,

So finally,finally, finally.....

Thanks once again to all who subscribed, signed the guestbook, sent postcards or emailed..and as they say down this way... Thanks a million!

See 'ya all next week. God bless, Pat.

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