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Hi and welcome once again to your free Interactive Waterford and County newsletter and Pat Kiely's weekly comments.

June 27thWell, all you wonderful Waterford people, whether by birth, ancestry or adoption, how have you been keeping?

This week Kylie has just reached number one in the British pop charts, not Pat Kiely, but Australian singer Kylie Minogue who has had a number one hit in each of the last three decades. Well done Kylie! (By coincidence my maternal Great grandmother's maiden name was Minogue)

Later we have a bumper email postbag,

but first.... Are we getting too fat?

According to a recent health report,due to be officially released in September, the weight of the average Irish man and women has increased by one stone (14 pounds) since 1990, and at present most of us are increasing our long term fat content by an astonishing one gram per day.

The authors of the report reckon the Irish are now catching up with their British and American neighbours, where 55% are seriously overweight and one in four are rated as medically obese.

If the experts are to be believed, we will all be getting too heavy to handle, or hug, very soon, according to a group of scientists based at three Irish Universities,who have been researching excessive weight gain in Irish people over the last few years.

It seems we are not just spreading outwards either, but upwards as well according to the same experts, who say that most of us are also growing taller by at least one centimetre per decade.

Our kids are at risk too, getting lazier and lazier as their worried parents, too scared to let them walk or cycle to school alone,now insist on driving them there and back.

The researchers reckon that although we are not eating much more than 10 years ago, we now lead much more inactive lives, preferring to spend our time Tv watching, or stuck in front of the 'puter, rather than out on the sports field or participating in an active pursuit!

Although men tend to be the fattest overall,(Kiely excluded of course!) The largest number of weighing-scale busters however, tend to be non-smoking women between the ages of 18-35 who live in the countryside rather than the towns.

(Kiely wonders how they find that out..Do they run up to complete strangers in the street and say something like, 'Hi, excuse me Mam, you look overweight... Oh, and by the way, Do you smoke?')

Another thing that puzzles 'himself,'about all this is why it has cost over one and a half million pounds to produce this latest report. (What a unnecessary waste of money!)

Surely it doesn't take a scientific mind to discover that a lot of people in Ireland are becoming too fat...Or that the large amounts of money spent on health education is falling on deaf ears.

So perhaps, it really is time to turn off the TV, struggle into a pair of shorts and an oversize tea shirt and boogy on down to the nearest heath club, swimming pool, golf club, or beach for some honest exercise....

And too all those heavy smokers out there, don't worry about the breathlessness, and wheezy chest, and cough, just be happy you are less likely to have a weight problem!

(and Kiely, well, he'll be just off for a Guinness!)


HAPPY HIKERS! Photo Lynne Robinson, Patty Keating, Thomas Keating) Happy Hikers

Lynne Robinson, Patty Keating and her son Thomas all from Lismore, recently volunteered to take a sponsored hike over the Galtee Mountains in aid of a the Fermoy Multiple Sclerosis Society.

We’ve all filled our sponsor cards said Patty, with a grin, as the three happy hikers awaited for transport to take them to the mountains for the three hour climb.

Thomas is the veteran of the group having taken part at least eight times before, while Patty and Lynne are entering for the second time.


Chapel Street. Chapel Street

A view of Chapel Street,looking towards St. Carthage's

Cathedral, Lismore, on a 'busy' day.

At one time there used to be several little shops on this road, all competing for the passing trade of people on their way to Mass.


Its interesting to note that nearly all the houses along this road have brand new roofs, but the old overhead electric and telephone wires still exist..


FLYING VISIT! Tessa...!Tessa Quinlan Mundin

Globe trotting singer and entertainer Tessa Quinlan Mundin recently popped over from London to say bye bye to her sister Hannah, who lives at the foot of the ‘Hill of Iron’, in Tallow, Tessa who spends a lot of her time in Australia raising money for charity should be back again in County Waterford at the end of the year.



Hi to CAROLINE LEVASSEUR, who says....I may not be Irish but I love the beautiful pictures & I am interested in other states. (I think Caroline means Counties!)

RICHARD OKILL Reckons he's not Irish, but says he forever telling off employers for turning his name into O'KILL Richard says:It's an Old English name, more akin to Irish than Norman?


TOM CLARKE wrote to ask: Hi, Just looking for ideas for the visit planned by my wife and I for this weekend. Everything looks beautiful. Hope all is well with you. God bless and best regards. Tom (You will be spoiled for choice if its scenery your looking for Tom!,Have a good trip!)



Hello Pat, We met one weekend but never knew each other. A blessed weekend. I heard you were from Navan but I doubt it very much by the look of your site.

Navan? No connections there Declan!

(Kiely was puzzled by this message until he remembered a recent trip to a charismatic healing workshop weekend in Cork, which was organised by an Irish Christian men's group.

The weekend for men and women was led by a priest over from Toronto in Canada called Fr Peter Coughlan who has been involved in the Catholic Charismatic movement for nearly 30 years


HI TO KAREN KIELY De BITETTO from the USA has just subscribed to this newsletter. Karen (no relative) just loves Medjugorje,a place Kiely knows well. Karen reckons the sun also spins in Kansas as well as in Bosnia.


MARY LEFFLER says: Hey Pat! Hope all is well with you and yours. My equipment died May 99! Oye! Glad you're still at it. Mary would like to saty hello to Edel(ne Peffley) & Steve Lukens who are on honeymoon here in County Waterford..(So what do you do when it rains in Ireland!)


Hello to ANN RYAN who says:

I am also from Lismore, grew up there and left Ireland for Paris 10 years ago. I now work in Luxembourg and have been here for 4 and 1/2 years. My parents (John and Mary Ryan of Townspark) still live there.

I was home recently and it is always so refreshing to soak up the clean air and wonderful countryside.

Your site is a good way of keeping up with the news and get in touch with home! Kind regards, Ann Ryan


Hi to Regular PAT E.WILLIAMS Pat loves the bit of music on Kiely's homepage.


CAROLINE DELANEY who is a reporter with the Evening Echo wrote to ask if anyone has information about the anti-superdump campaign going on in the Youghal/Knockanore area. (Let Kiely know and I will pass your message to Caroline)


BRIGID GUARINA wrote after reading the story about House -sitters in author Dervla Murphy's house in Lismore. 'Dear Pat, as always I enjoy your newsletter and always find a news item of interest.

In my teen years in Cappoquin I met DERVLA MURPHY, I have followed most of her interesting life and travels over the years.

She may remember me, my first job was with Dr.Winnie White in Deriheen. Both Winnie and Sheila were good friends of Dervla and she often came to visit and told them of her adventures. Does she have an e-mail address?' (No Brigid , she does not! Well known travel writer Dervla still believes in the old manual typewriter...)

Brigid continues ....

'We are all saddened by the death of the Irish singer FRANK PATTERSON, I was at many of his concerts, he frequently did concerts here in Cape Cod and as he was from Clonmel we always went to say hello to him, he never forgot his roots. Keep up the newsletters. Brigid.

(Frank's cortege passed through the packed streets of Clonmel last Friday on the way to St Mary's Church on a brilliantly sunny afternoon. (May he rest in peace.)


MARJORIE JANKIEWICZ wrote to say her and husband Bill have just returned from Chicago where they have been checking out their one year old grandchild. 'It rained nearly everyday we were away,'she said. (Sounds a bit like Waterford weather you were having there M!)

(The Jankiewicz's are expecting guests from Ballysaggart, County Waterford to arrive shortly. Have a good time!)


MARGARET WEBB thought it 'really neat,' to see her name in my newsletter...... so here it is again Margaret!


So glad ERIN HICKEY in Canada found his lost dog POPEYE (Now I hope Erin doesn't lose partner Olive next!)


Good Luck on Thursday to SUSAN FINLAYSON also in Canada. --------------------

Welcome to ELLEN GERARD in the USA who subscribed to Kiely's newsletter today.


Thanks to all of you who have been in touch over the last week, or so, I love the feedback, so keep it coming,

So finally,finally, finally.....

Thanks once again to all who subscribed, signed the guestbook, sent postcards or emailed..and as they say down this way... Thanks a million!

There will be more name mentions next week,

See 'ya all

God bless, Pat.

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All written work and images are copyright Pat Kiely, Lismore,Ireland ....email patkiely@tinet.ie.

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