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21st. March 2000.

Failte, and welcome to another Kiely's Comments, only the second on my own home page, but the 49th for Local Ireland of your very own very own interactive Waterford & County Weekly.

Well since last Friday the 10th. I am now officially a year older.

March 10th is a birth date I share with Pat O' Gorman, Co.Waterford, and Roberta Kormrska from Winscosin, my local pharmacist,Hanna Akram, (Great Irish name that!) Lee Coombes,who Kiely once worked with in a Community TV unit, based in a place called Bath,in England.

This week I have been out to Tooraneena, a little place between Dungarvan and Clonmel to talk to lady called Alice Burke and her husband Ned who have been sharing their lives with Kiely for this week's W&CW.

I hope u all had a great St Patrick'day, as I'm sure our Leader Bertie, and a lot of his Government Ministers did too!

Kiely reckons that most of them couldn't wait to celebrate the day away in some exotic place, as they nearly all were jetting off as fast as their private jets could carry them last Thursday night. (I jest of course!) They share the private jet!

All in the name of promoting our country of course!

But first,A great big thanks to Beverly A.Hannon, who responded to Kiely's request to send him a postcard from your hometown.

Beverly's card was the first to arrive so far, here in County Waterford all the way from Anamosa, Iowa in the USA.

Beverley is trying to trace her Grt. Grd. Father, William Hahesy who married Brigid Houlahan at Portlaw and Ballyduff in March 1848 before going to the US in 1863.

Beverly who visited County Waterford last year also says that almost every night she enjoys a drink from a WaterfordCrystal glass. (A drink of milk of course Beverley!).

See ya all, next week, God Bless, ...................Pat.

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