Poetry Competition Winners

My Happy Hamster

I have a little hamster,
White, grey and black,
and all around the cage
He goes ratatat tat

He's happy in the morning,
He's happy in the night.
But most of all he's happy
when he's playing in the light.

(Jonathon Ward 2nd Class)

Love is Special

Love is special
Love is alive
Send me a date
for 5.95

Love is sad
Love is bad
Send me a date
Or I will go mad

(Denis O'Driscoll 3rd Class)

Me and You

When you say "I do",
It sounds really, really true.
Either day or either night
I'm romantic at the sight.

I love you yes it's true,
I love you, you, you, you.
Flowers or chocolate from me to you
And maybe a kiss to make it true.

I love you and
You love me.
Maybe it's meant to be
Between you and me.

(Darragh Browne 3rd Class)

I Wish

I wish I could fly
To soar through the sky,
To feel the wind on my face,
And to have a race,
But my wish will never come true.

I wish I was a wanderer
To travel the world
To go to hot places
Make me put on faces,
But my wish will never come true.

(Paul Cahill 4th Class)

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