Below is a selection of the poetry submitted to our poetry competition during Artsweek 2005

The Zoo

My mam asked me,
"What I would like to do?"
I thought for a while,
And said,
"I would like to go,
To the zoo!"
When I got there,
I do declare,
The first thing I saw,
Was a big furry bear.
There were elephants, monkeys,
And tigers too.
Then I saw a chimp
Go to the loo!

By Philip Mulkerrins (3rd Class)

Summer Holidays

I like school holidays.
They are great crack
Nothing to do,
And no shirt on my back
3 months of playing,
And watching t.v.
Mam said ''Come on to bed!''
''Ah leave me be!''
Friends over on Sunday,
For a barbecue,
Not Dads cooking again,
'' Boo hoo, boo hoo!''
Of to Portugal,
For to weeks break.
No more Spongebob,
Or dads Suunday steaks.
School holidays are soon over,
And I will be sad,
Back to the usual,
It will drive me mad.
Teachers and homework,
And early to bed
Oh no, this is going to

By Dean Cunniffe. (Age 9, 3rd Class)

My Pony Tom.

I have a little pony,
His name is Tom.
When he sees me coming,
He runs and hops around.

He runs around the field all day,
And Jumping,
And eating hay!

When Tom gets thirsty,
He takes a drink!
And when he gets tired,
He goes for a sleep,
Along with his mother,
In a nice green field!

By Martin Ward. (3rd Class)


Time goes by when
You're having fun.

It's like a robber on
the run.

Hands that tick and
Go around.

Time goes quick I
have found.

By Aaron Sonahar (3rd Class)

Grandparents are Funny

My Grandad he is getting old
But I love the stories he told,
The one when he thought he lost his false teeth
But he found them left under the seat.
Or the one when he put the fish in his fishing bag
And forgot to take off the price tag.
My poor Nan must have an awful time as she
thought this man was losing his mind.

By Ryan Shaughnessy (4th Class)

The Mouse

Last week I saw a little mouse.
He found a way into my house.
He was small and furry and coloured brown.
My mam came in and chased him round.

He hides in a hole in a hall.
Into the wall I saw him crawl.
He came into our house when the weather was cold,
He will leave in spring we were told.

We knew he was eating our bread,
He used to come out when we were in bed.
One night, when it is dark,
He might slip away into the park.

By Evan Brady (4th Class)

The Golden Eagle

As you soar in the sky.
Your golden wings fly straight by.
Your head is like a golden crown.
I see you when you fly around.

You approach your prey without any fear.
You swoop them up right then and there.
With a sound you're gliding down,
They start running when you land on the ground.

Up near cliffs is where you fly.
Is it because it's near the sky?
An eyrie is up where you nest.
It is where you'll always rest.

By Jamie Ryan (4th Class)

  When I Go to Bed

When I go to bed
I pull the blanket over my head.
Because my room goes black
I can't see if monsters attack.

I wish I could turn on the light,
The noises wouldn't give me a fright.
Bang, bang, bang on my door,
I pull my blanket up some more.

Oh no! it's the Boogie Man,
I have to hide and make a plan.
But then I was very glad,
I looked up, it was dad.

Gavin Smith (2nd Class)

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