Under 10 swimming team

   In St. Pats it is part of our  policy that each boy should be able to swim before he leaves our school. To this end each class takes swimming lessons in our local pool each year.
    Tuam also has a very active swimming club in which many of our pupils participate.

   I have qualified for the All-Ireland Schools  Under 10 Competition in swimming, with three other people, their names are Edward, Robert and Brian. There are swimming teams from all over Ireland. We are going on the 17th of November, that is a Friday. I get to miss a day of school. There are teams like Cavan, Mayo, Cork, Waterford and teams like that.

Alan Burke (fourth class)

     I went to Dublin for the All - Ireland swimming. I went with my dad and Brian O' Donnell and his mam. We went to the swimming pool at Donaghmede. There were children there from all over Ireland. I swam the back stroke and Brian swam the breast stroke and Robert swam in the back stroke also. Then we swam the medley relay, I swam the back stroke, Brian swam the breast stroke Robert swam the butterfly and Edward swam the front crawl. Then we swam the freestyle relay and we won our heat and came fourth in the final. We all got certificates for being fourth in all Ireland.
       We had a great day and went to McDonalds. We were very tired coming home. It was the middle of the night when we got home.

Alan Burke(Fourth Class)