St. Patrickís Primary School Acceptable Usage Policy for Internet Use

  Access:  The ideal situation would be that each individual classroom would have a connection to the Internet available as a teaching, learning and reference tool as the need arises.


Code of Conduct for Internet Use:

To guard against children accessing inappropriate or abusive material:

1.       Appropriate blocking/filtering software must be installed in conjunction with the computers Internet access software (e.g. Net Nanny, Webkeys Prowler etc.).

2.      The teacher will not permit Internet sessions without close monitoring of the childrenís activities.

3.      Unmonitored chat room sessions will not be allowed.

4.      Opening of e-mail attachments from unsolicited or unknown sources will not be allowed.

5.      On-line sessions will be directed at previously checked safe sites and educational resources only.

6.      Registration or signing of visitorís books at web sites is not allowed without permission.


Guidelines for participation in Internet sessions:

1.       No personal information about the child, the childís family, the teachers or the school will be disclosed without permission from the teacher supervising the session.

2.      Any encounter with information or a message that threatens, demeans or otherwise makes the child feel uncomfortable must be reported to the teacher supervising the session. On no account should a response be made to such a message.

3.      On no account should a child make arrangements for an unsupervised meeting with any other on-line correspondent without permission. If permission is obtained, any meeting should take place supervised and in a public place.

4.      Pictures or images, which might assist in identifying an individual, should not be transmitted without permission.

5.      Use of a full or last name in on-line correspondence should not occur without permission.

6.      Names of pupils will not appear in association with the pupils photograph on the school website.