The Mallard.

Colour Green head with white stripes on a purple-brown neck. A grey body with purple patches on the wings and a black tail with two curly feathers.

Length 50-60cm

Diet Under water plants and some insects. Also seeds and waste grain in stubbles.

Habitat Lakes, estuaries, parks, canals and marshes.

No. of eggs 7-16

The Mallard is the most common duck found around Ireland. The male is more colourful, it is called a drake. The female is less colourful and is called a duck. In early summer the drake moults. That is they loose their feathers and grows less colourful feathers. These ducks live on or near fresh water. They make their nest near the water in long grass or reeds. The duck can lay many eggs. You often see mallards in flocks before dawn or daylight. When landing on water they use their feet as brakes.

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