The above sketch illustrates the different stages in the milling process in simple diagrammatic form. This is based loosely on the actual operation, which was carried out at the Tuam Mill.


1. The oats were checked in, weighed, and then taken to the top floor of the mill by the bag hoist.


2. It passed through one of the winnowing machines on the third floor and impurities (grit and small pebbles) were removed. It was taken back to the top floor by one of the grain elevators.


Using the Winnowing Machine

3. It next passed through the drying kiln. The grain percolated down the outside of the rotating kiln as hot air was blown up through the centre.

winniwing machine

4. The grain was then taken upwards on another elevator to cool, and passed through the shelling

stones where the shell was broken away from the core or hush.

Shelling Stones

5. The mixture was then passed through a second winnowing machine where the shell was removed.

6. The remaining grain passed through the grinding stones for grinding into oatmeal.

7. The finished product-Oatmeal.

The Second Winnowing Machine

oatmeal docket

Oatmeal docket given to farmers at the little Mill Tuam

The Workings of the Mill

This Diagram shows the Milling Process that took place at the Little Mill in Tuam