As part of our project we decided to ask the boys in the other classes to write poems about the Little Mill. The following are just a small sample of the poems that were written in the school.


The Little Mill.


The mill was preserved.

Now itís observed.

The river flows rapidly through the night.

Its nature is a growing delight.

The elevators transported the grain.

They helped to keep the mills good name

The mill is old; there is great history,

Unfortunately it lost its fight for victory.

Every item in the Mill has its own story to tell.

How interesting it would be if these objects could sell

Their riveting history.



By: Darren OíConnor.



The Mill.


Our town mill

Is very still.

It has an empty till

That old mill is on the river Nanny.

It was there before my great, great granny.

People would get a thrill

If the mill came back to this town, brill.


By: Ian McElroy.


The Little Mill.


The Little Mill is really cool,

We are all doing a project on it

It involves the school.

The mill is a very historical site.

The river is black by night.

There is a lot of litter down there,

So, we wrote a note to the council

To see did they care?

We waited for a reply.

We got one thatís no lie.

Their idea was very clever.

Let us hope the mill stays forever.


By: Keith Shaughnessy



The Little Mill.


We went to the mill,

O boy what a thrill.


We listened to the man

Who explained how it ran.


The floors are creaky,

And the roofs are leaky.


The river runs quietly,

But O what a mess.


We wrote to the council

To make a request.


All we can do now

Is hope for the best.


by Leon


The Little Mill.


Iíve been doing a project on the mill.

It is situated at the bottom of a hill.

I saw a few ducks

In the river full of muck.

A few winos come here

To drink a lot of beer.

There are a few trees

For the birds babies.

There are duck cages

I think they are outrageous.

I like the little mill

At the bottom of the hill.


By: Matthew Brady.


The Mill.


The mill in our town

Just shut down.

When we heard what had happened

We all wore a frown.

It was part of Tuam all around.

It helped us when our corn was ground

It always made a crushing sound.

No longer does it go round and round.

No longer does it make a crushing sound

Our town mill is very still.

Every time I go by there

I think it is brill.


By: Ronan Courtney.



The Little Mill.

The Mill stands by the river Nanny,

Looking just like an old granny,

It stopped dead in 1964,

Wheat would ground to the floor no more.

It made lots and lots of flour,

Using the river Nanny for power.

The Farrels and Corcorans owned the mill.

Waiting for funds to do up the museum we remain still.


By: Wayne Brady.