The High Cross of Tuam

The High Cross was built by Turlough O'Connor in the 12th Century  about 110 to 1200.He built it to celabrate his defeat of the O' Flahertys; It is made out of sand stone
This  is  a  picture  of  the  bishop Aodh  O'Hession  and  Turlough  O'Connor.

Jesus is on the top of the HIGH CROSS.
On the other side of the cross is a Abbott.

This  is  a  picture  of  a limestone shaft. If  you  look  closely   you  can  see  the  celtic   designs. There  is  a    fascinating  story about this. When  the  builders  were digging  the  foundations for  the  new  part of the Cathedral in the ninet century they  found the  limestone  shaft.  

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