A long, long time ago a monk called Brendan set sail into an unknown ocean with fourteen other monks.  They wanted to spread the Christian faith to other lands.

   On one adventure Brendan and the monks saw an island in the distance.  It was strange to see an island that was shining and slippery.  Not even a blade of grass grew on the island.  Some of the monks went on to the island.  Brendan stayed on the boat.  The monks lit a fire and put a pot with water and meat in it on the flames.  The island rolled and swayed.  The monks panicked.  Brendan rescued them by pulling them back on the boat.

   The island slowly and silently moved away with the fire and pot still on it.  Brendan then told the monks about his dream.  He had dreamed that the island was really a whale called Jasconius.

Later when they saw Jasconius again they were no longer afraid.