There’s no Place like Home

         Spike was fed up of his own nest.  One morning he woke up in a grumpy mood.  He decided to search for a brand new, more exciting home.

        Spike visited Wise Owl.  Wise Owl gave him permission to stay.  However Spike could not sleep as Wise Owl sang to the moon all night.  Spike was exhausted the next morning and left.

        Spike paid a visit to Mother Hen.  She lived in a warm, cosy, comfortable hen house.  However she left Spike to take care of her eggs.  He did not like this job and departed.

        Spike saw Freddie Fieldmouse and asked him if he had any lodgings.  Freddie said he knew just the place.  He brought Spike to see a ragged scarecrow.  Spike disliked living on the scarecrow because Freddie had too many other family members staying there. 

Spike was still searching for a new pace to live.  He saw a family of rabbits grazing happily in the thick meadow.  Spike flew towards them.  The rabbits allowed Spike to stay in their burrow.  However Spike was unhappy with the burrow because it was dark, gloomy, damp and cold.  He was disappointed with it and left immediately in a huff.

        It was getting late and Spike had nowhere to stay.  He felt miserable, lonely and worried.  In the distance he saw three green frogs.  They offered him a lilly pad to sleep on.  He made a decision to leave because he was freezing and it was too cold to sleep.

        Spike decided to go back to his own warm, cosy, comfortable nest.  Through visiting the different places, Spike discovered that there is no place like home.  He was content and happy.