I am a very old dog looking for a warm, cosy, safe place to stay.  When I was walking along one cold, dark winters night I saw a stable in the distance.  I got to the door of the stable and looked in.

        There was a huge ox in the stable.  At first I felt a bit shy but Kind Ox soon made me feel at home.  He said, “Come in.  There is always room for a little one here”.  I was very grateful that Kind Ox was happy to share his home with me.  My name was Old Dog.  We soon became good friends.  Later on in the night I woke up to see a petrified cat standing at the door.  She was about to run away because cats don’t like dogs.  I said, “Don’t be afraid.  You are always welcome to stay.  Later in the night a small mouse came to stay.  Small mouse was going to run away because she saw the cat.  Stray Cat told her not to be afraid and to come in.  Soon after that a Tired Donkey came along.  Tired Donkey was carrying Mary on his back.  Tired Donkey, Mary and a man called Joseph came to the door.  Mary asked Joseph “Where am I going to have my baby?”.  Kind Ox said to Tired Donkey “Come in. There is always room for a little one here”.  Joseph made a warm bed in the straw for Mary.  Later that night baby Jesus was born.

        I was very happy to be in the stable with all my new friends the night Jesus came into the world.