One day Chimp was at home playing games with his baby sister.  His Mam came home carrying a lot of multicoloured bags.  Chimp got all excited when his mother handed him a big bag.  He eagerly looked inside, put his hand in and pulled out a big, purple coat!

When Chimp put the coat on he realised that it was too long, he didnít like the colour, the collar was scratchy and it was definitely too tight.  Chimpís sister thought it was a wonderful colour.  His father exclaimed that it was a good thing that the coat was so tight.  Chimp stomped into the kitchen where his mother proclaimed that the coat was perfect and suited him.

At that point there was an extremely loud knock at the door.  Chimp opened the door to see his friends.  They asked him to go bowling.  As he was in a bad mood he didnít want to go but he went anyway.  When they were walking along his friends complimented him on his coat.  Chimp complained that it was too tight, the collar was scratchy and he didnít like the colour.

When he got to the bowling alley he couldnít bowl properly because the sleeves were too long, he was too hot and the coat was too tight.  He threatened that he was going to take the terrible coat off.  His friends begged him not to remove his coat because he was wearing nothing underneath and they thought he would look ridiculous.

Chimp went home.  He was in a wicked mood.  He barged in the door, ran up the stairs, into his bedroom and slammed the door.  His mother came to the stairs, shouted up at him to come down for his tea as his grandma was coming and wanted to see the wonderful new coat.

His grandma admired the coat and asked ďWhere did you get such and extraordinary coat?Ē  Chimp gained a very valuable piece of information.

Bright and early the next morning Chimp went to the shop where his mother had bought his coat.  He went straight to the coat floor and asked the shop assistant to exchange his coat.  He couldnít change his coat because he was wearing it.  Chimp threatened to take off the horrible coat.  The shop assistant went to get the manager.

A kangaroo was standing near by.  She came over and said, ď I couldnít help overhearing that you think you have the wrong coat.  I believe I have the solution to your problem.  Why donít we make a deal?Ē

The kangaroo suggested that she would buy the coat that Chimp wanted, Chimp would then give her the coat that he was wearing.  They would shake hands and go their separate ways.  Chimp thought that was the best sense he had heard in a very long time.  Chimp decided on the coat he wanted, Kangaroo bought it for him, they swapped coats and went their different ways.

Chimp was delighted.  He went home to ask his mother if she liked his new coat.  His mother thought he looked ridiculous.  His Dad said that he would definitely make enemies.  His sister thought the colour was horrible.  Chip didnít care because he had the coat that he wanted.  He was ecstatic.