The Boot family live in Apple Tree Farm.  Mrs. Boot has two young children.  Sam is nine. He is always bursting with energy.  His younger sister, Poppy, is kind and gentle and she loves animals.  They  have a fluffy, friendly  dog called Rusty.

        Ted works on the farm.  He too, is caring and affectionate.

        One fresh Spring morning, Ted asked Poppy and Sam to clean out Gerty’s shed.  Gerty was the goat.  They were delighted to oblige!  They  got a wheelbarrow, a fork, a brush and some fresh straw.  Poppy opened the gate of Gerty’s pen and Sam trotted in.

        However, things didn’t go according to plan!  Sam was just about to open the door of Gerty’s shed when he felt a slight sting on his leg.  Gerty had butted him!  To make matters worse, she started to chase him!  Poor Sam had to jump the fence to safety.  Now, they had to think of a plan to get grumpy Gerty out of her pen so that they could clean her shed in peace.

        Sam had the first idea.  He tried to coax Gerty out of her pen with a bag of fresh bread.  Gerty wasn’t easily tricked.  She just gobbled up the bread and the bag too and hopped back to her pen.  Poppy tried the same thing, this time using sweet, green grass.  Gerty devoured that too and marched back to her pen.

        Next it was Sam’s turn!  This time he used a different approach.  He knew Ted would be able to take Gerty out of her pen.  So he cleverly decided to dress up as Ted!  He borrowed Ted’s old, baggy coat and tweed hat.  He slowly opened the gate and carefully tip-toed into the pen, but as soon as Gerty heard the gate creaking she charged towards Sam.  Sam ran for his life!  Then Poppy stepped up!  “I’ll get a rope” she exclaimed.  They all crept into the pen including Rusty.  All eyes were on Gerty!  The minute Gerty laid eyes on Rusty she scampered after him.  Rusty scurried out the gate, with his tail between his legs.  Gerty followed him.  “Quick!  Shut the gate!” roared Sam.  Finally they succeeded in their tricky mission.

        They eventually got a chance to clean out the pen.  They replaced the stale, smelly straw with soft golden straw.  The shed looked amazing.

        Sam and Poppy couldn’t wait to see how happy Gerty would be when they let her back into her pen.  However, Gerty was as grumpy as ever, much to Sam and Poppy’s disgust.

        The next morning Ted could explain everything.  Ted told Sam, Poppy and Rusty to come and look at Gerty now!  When they opened the door, their eyes widened in amazement.  Sitting beside Gerty was a delightful, delicate kid.  Gerty was Grumpy no more!