One fine day there was a happy monkey named Chimp.  He was playing in his garden when he saw his mother coming home.  She had a new coat for him.

          Chimp was shocked and disappointed when he saw the catastrophic coat.  He glared at his mother, he thought he was going to get sick.  Chimp put the coat on.  He said the coat was too tight, so tight that he couldnít wear anything underneath.  He complained that the collar was scratchy and the colour was despicable.

          Chimpís mother exclaimed that the coat was perfect.  His sister said ďThatís a cool colourĒ.  Chimpís father felt that the fact that the coat was too tight was a good thing.

          After a while Chimpís friends called for him to go bowling with them.  On the way to the bowling alley Chimp kept complaining about the terrible coat.  His friends said they thought that it was a cool coat.

          Chimp was furious because he bowled very badly.  He wanted to take his coat off but his friends convinced him not to because  he would look and feel silly with nothing on.

          When Chimp got home all he wanted to do was go to bed.  He felt angry and frustrated.  He was not allowed to do this because his Gran was coming for tea and wanted to see the famous new coat.

          It was while they were having tea that Chimp gained some valuable information.  He discovered where his mother had bought the horrendous overcoat.

          Early next morning he went to the shop, made his way to the coat floor and inquired if he could change the coat.  As Chimp was wearing it he was unable to change it.  Chimp then threatened to take the coat off.  At that point the assistant went to get the manager.

          Just then, a kangaroo who had overheard the conversation, came over to Chimp.  He suggested that  he would buy the coat that Chimp wanted, they  would swap coats, shake hands and go their separate ways.  This made Chimp very happy.  It was the best sense he had heard in days.  Kangaroo bought the coat of Chimps choice, they went into the changing rooms, swapped coats, shook hands and went their separate ways.

          Chimp went home feeling ecstatic.  His mother didnít care for the coat.  His sister said ďWRONG COLOURĒ!  His father thought that because there was so much room in the arms he would bowl so well that he would make enemies.

          Chimp didnít care, he had the coat that he liked.  He felt proud.

He was delighted.