Mini Olympic Handball  - Rules

Goal Area

1. Only the goalkeeper plays in the goal area. Defenders are not allowed into this area.
2. Attackers may enter in order to shoot, provided they jump and shoot while still in the air.

Playing the Ball

1. A player may run a maximum of 3 steps with the ball after which he must bounce the ball with one hand, pass or shoot.
2. He may bounce or "dribble" the ball repeatedly with one hand while standing or running.
3. When in possession of the ball a player cannot hold on to the ball for more than 3 seconds without bouncing, passing or shooting.
4. Players are not allowed to dive for balls rolling on the ground.

Tackling an Opponent

1. When tackling a player with the ball one is not allowed to snatch the ball violently, push, grab, hold or obstruct using hands or arms.
2. Players may not run into, jump into, trip or threaten opponents.
3. Rough play is immediately dealt with by the suspension of the guilty player for one minute.