Parents are welcome in St Pat’s School

Here in St Pat’s we are proud of our policy of being open and welcoming to parents.

  There is a Parents’ room in the school where parents can drop in to have a cup of tea or coffee and have a chat (and usually a laugh) with other parents.

  Here you might find parents doing classes such as Art, Crafts, First Aid or Parenting courses. You might find parents in the hall doing Aerobics or in our high-tech Computer room doing a computer course. Here too you might find parents from the Parents Council organising raffles or bingo for the children or the very successful book-exchange at the end of the school year.

  St Pat’s parents have been involved with teachers and pupils in forming policies on Healthy Eating and Home-School links.

  Last year a group of parents got together and formed P.Y.P.T. (Parents for Young People in Tuam). This group produced a booklet and poster entitled “Hey Sham! Activities for young people in Tuam” These were distributed throughout the schools in Tuam.

         Our parents have told us that they like to be kept informed about what is happening in the school. A school newsletter is produced several times a year. There is also a notice board in the parents’ room where either the school or the parents can display information. Of course parents also want to be kept informed about how their children are getting on in school and Parent/Teacher meetings are held once a year (with childminding and refreshments provided). Parents can also come in at other times to talk to individual teachers but we ask parents to make an appointment so that the teacher can give their full attention and arrange for their class to be supervised.

         Finally, we also have a home-visitation scheme, which is provided by the home/school/community liaison co-ordinator, a teacher from the school whose full-time role is support for parents.

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