My Life

Hey this is my first attempt at building a website I just thought it would be a good place to write down my thoughts.As ,you've probably guessed my names Paul.I live in Dublin. Thats not that interesting though but hey I've got to fill the page.

I know that most bloggers date their inputs and I'll try it but you might find things with no dates or things with incorrect ones.

So without further adieu let the pointless thoughts commence

9/9/06 Batman.Useless superhero.Perhaps not.To be honest I'm not very fond of 'superheros' who simply buy their powers, ahem Iron Man, but I'm growing to like batman.I loved the old live action tv series as a kid mainly cause it was so cheesy. The very first film also caught my attention as being a kinda of cool 'film noir' movie after that though my intrest faded. I was never really a comic kind of guy mainly because I didn't have any money. However after seeing Batman Begings (yes I konw I'm a bit late) I'm ready for this new Batman. I love the way you get to see his desention from popular millionare to dislike reclusive heir and all because he want to clean up Gotham City. And how bout his new gadgets. I know there was a bit of controversy about the new Batmobile but honestly its more realistic and way cooler than any other ones so far. So with the next instalment on the way starring the guy from Brokeback Mountain as the Joker I say Bring on the Bat

9/9/06 Emma Roberts. Wow. I mean I know some people who have said "yeah shes pretty but nothing special" but I have to disagree. Emma Roberts has a sort of flawless beauty to her. She seems infinatly approchable yet if I were ever to see her I would be so shy and tongue-tied I probably wouldn't even manage to look at her. Of course I'm assumeing she sweet, kind, funny and intelligent as well as beautiful.Why? Well because thats the image she gives off. She could be cruel, stupid and boring but for the duration of this fantansy lets assume she's not. I'm friends with a girl not unlike her. Down to earth and uncommenly beautiful. Am I saying this to show off? No quite the opposite. The key word in the sentance was "friends". Why you may ask am I friends with the perfect woman? Am I in someway horribly disfigured? No more than you're average guy is my answer to that one. No the reason I'm friends with the girls I've been in love with since I was 11 is that I'm a coward. But don't judge me too harshly. I mean which would you prefer the slight chance that a girl like that would ever have you or being so soundly rejected that never again will you be able to say two words to her. But this isn't about real-life crushes it's about celebrity ones. More to the point it's about the extent someone would go to meet their "T.V true loves". I'm not really one for queing on the red carpet just to scream "I love you" at the latest celeb looker because lets face it how is that any different from the hundreds of people around you. I suppose though that deep down there is a piece of me that thinks sure I could become famous and we could somehow link up. Or even if I don't become famous there could be a chance encounter and we could get talking and hit it off. So yes I'm just as deluded as everyone else when it comes to celeb crushes. But hey theres always that slim chance.....!

10/9/06 Forum. Just started up a forum here at Pauls Blog Forum. Feel free to comment on the site or input your own views. The normal forum rules apply, no sex posts, not copyright infringement and no general illegal talk(big brother is watching) but apart from that you can pretty much do what you want.

10/9/06 Hey. Just writing to say heh noparticular topic in mind. Was just watchen South Park that show is funny. So people say its just toilet humour but they really do pick up on things in modern society. Going to a big party on wednesday should be fun. I was just doing some deep thinking (over South Park) and Irealised that most people are always looking forward to things or, conversly, remembering the good times. I do think people don't spend enough time in the now. That said I really hate people who say "I live every day like its my last". Thats just stupid. If people did that their day would be spent being sentimental with friends and family and then going on an alcohol fuelled sex romp. Which is all well and good now and then. but you just can't do it every day. I think what people need to do is find that balance. Work has to be done and bills have to be paid but you should try and spent a certain amount of your day out of your comfort zone. Take a risk or two even if it all goes wrong at least you'll be able to say you tried. Of course it's very easy for me to type all this but will I actually take my own advice? I'll try but i won't always.. But after all it's all about baby steps.