A person best knows where the shoe troubles him

It takes one to know one


It is in hardship that a friend is recognised


The knot nearest the throat is the the one to release first


Don't count your chickens before they're hatched


The herb that can't be found is the very one which works


What the child sees the child does


What the ghost writes, the ghost reads


What goes on for a long time loses its attractiveness


What's seldom is wonderful


The very thing a person dreads most in the world could be the best thing for him


What can't be cured must be endured


The impossible cannot be done


The lamb teaching its mother how to bleat


When the rod hardens with age it's difficult to bend it


The man who has a loaf will get a knife to cut it


The one who is out, his share gets cold


Travellers have tales


When you're up, they drink to you


When you're down, they kick you


The person who gains the reputation of getting up early can sleep late


He who is lucky in the morning tends to be luck in the evening too


He who is not strong has to be clever


He who does not get a grip on the job, the job gets a grip on him


Whoever will not accept advice must accept strife


He who does not sympathise with your plight, don't make your complaint to him


The cat purrs to please itself


People live in one another's shadow


A little gathers to a lot


Patience is the best thing for an incurable situation


Everyone to his own tastes


It's the life of a language to speak it


Power will have another day


One year with you, one against you


Observe the river before you venture into its currents


Nature breaks out through the eyes of the cat


Faraway cows have long horns


Truth is often bitter


A little of anything is tasty


The neighbours gruel tastes sweet


Even the whitest flock has a black sheep


The man who has lost the match has permission to talk


There are two sides to every story


Every beginning is weak


There is hope of coming back from the sea but none of coming back from the dead


Like father like son


Mór has a servant girl while she herself is out begging


The lamb becomes a big heavy sheep over distance


I saw you before, as the cat said to the warm milk...


Sense and nonsense - two which do not go together


Put the trout in the net before you put it in the pot


Put silk on a goat, it's still a goat


God helps those who help themselves


The door to wisdom is to ask questions


However bad Séamas is it would be worse to be without him


However long the day, night comes


If it was fine till Halloween someone would be unhappy


Ireland divided is Ireland laid low


Listen to the sound of the river and you will catch a trout


The cows owner must go under her tail


Small shards suit as well as big stones for building walls


The evil deed returns to the evildoer


Every pupil is as he is trained


Thirst is a shameless disease


Two people shorten the road


A wise man accepts advice


It's at the beginning of the disease it is easiest to cure


It's at the beginning of the bag that one must be economical


Rome wasn't built in a day


Tiredness goes away and the benefit remains


Familiarity breeds contempt


Life is strange


A person is alive after being beaten but not after his good name is taken


Sweet to hear is a mouth which is silent


Youth is a fine thing but it does not come twice


Birds of a feather flock together


A shiftless person is the same as a pig


It's hard to put a wise head on young shoulders


It's hard to choose between two evils


Every dog is bold in his own doorway


The crazy man reckons he is the sensible one


It's a long road that has no turning


The trail of a bad deed goes a long way


Better to be idle than up to no good


Arguing is better than loneliness


Health is better than wealth


A little relationship is better than a lot of charity


Better a friend in court than a pound in the purse


Better late than never


Half is better than nothing (literally: decaying)


A fistful of a trade is better than a bagful of gold


Better to have a son mad for sport than mad for drink


Better to ride on a goat than the finest walking


A good run is better than a bad stand


Better to look forward to prison than to the grave


Better one look before you than two behind


It's easy to knead next to the mill


God's help is nearer than the door


Every novelty is great and every commonplace is bitter


The black raven thinks its own offspring is bright


A change of work is as good as a rest


Faraway hills are green


It's the quiet pigs who eat the meal.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating


Life goes through many twists and turns


A nod is enough to the wise


All anyone can do is his best


Every patient is a surgeon after he is cured


It takes very little to cause trouble


Woe to he who checks out what he hopes to be true


Woe to the one who does evil and does not profit by it


A friend's eye is a good mirror


Time will tell


Hunger is a good sauce


The hurler on the ditch is a great fellow


God himself likes a bit of help


A shoulder without a friend is undefended


It's often a person's mouth broke his nose


It's often a slow hound was content


It's often a tailor promised to come and did not


The quiet ones are often guilty


Patience is worth a lot


It's a poor hen won't scratch for itself


It's an ill wind blows nobody any good


The flagstone is slippery at the door of a decent man


Nature is stronger than training


A small burden grows heavier with distance


First a drink, then your news


Sense bought dearly is the best kind


It is the heaviest ear of corn which bows its head lowest


Live horse and you will get hay


The branch lives on the fence but not the hand that planted it


Light heart lives long


Can't live with it, can't live without it


A child wants everything he sees


Praise youth and youth will respond


Don't count your chickens before they are hatched


If you don't sow in Spring you won't reap in Autumn


Even if you have only a puck goat to sell be in the middle of the fair with it


Be it crooked or straight, it's the main road is the shortest way


If you want to be praised, die: if you want to be criticized, marry


If it's bad on the flat it's worse at the summit


Necessity teaches resourcefulness


If you don't learn your trade, it becomes your enemy


When your hand is in the hound's mouth withdraw it gently


When the cat's away the mice dance


When it's tough for the hag she has to run


When the food is scarce it's generous to share it


Mind your own business


Don't procrastinate


Don't make a custom and don't break a custom


Hear both sides before judgement


Words alone won't feed the brothers


Familiarity breeds contempt


No success without discipline


A shy man won't be rich


Nothing lasts for ever


The strong don't prevail for ever


Don't count your fish till it's landed


The world won't make a racehorse out of a donkey


Thinking will not do the ploughing for you


A closed hand gets nothing but a closed fist


No point in talking when the damage is done


It's not a feast without a roast and true suffering comes with marriage


You can't whistle and eat meal at the same time


You can't be two places at once


You can't have it both ways


You want to know me, come live with me


There is no lack so bad as the lack of a friend


The windy day is not the day for thatching


It's not the same thing to go to the king's house and to come out of it


People are not more numerous than opinions


There are not more countries than there are customs


Things aren't always what they seem


You won't fool the fox a second time


There is no strength like co-operation


The goose's beak is no longer than the gander's


Sense does not come before age


Necessity overrides the law


The lake is not heavier for having the duck on it


No place like home


There is no cure for regret but to kill it with patience


There is no herb or cure for death


There is no wise man without a fault nor any fool without a good feature


There is no spirit nor ghost doesn't know his own business


There is no flood, however great, that does not ebb away


There is neither low not high but down for a while and up for a while.


A good word never broke a tooth


The man of courage never lost it


A blessing never filled a belly


Marry a woman from the mountain and you will marry the entire mountain


A crazy man runs through a flood boldly, but it's often a flood swept a crazy man away


A bird flies out of every flock


An eye disregards what it does not see


Silk on Siobhán and her father in rags


Hoping to beats the odds is what ruins the gambler


Give a choice to the churl and it's the worst he will pick


No grace comes singly


Practice makes perfect


Hindsight is a great thing


One story leads on to another


The beginning of health is sleep: the end of health is a sigh


Like understands like


A country without a language is a country without a soul


A good start is half the work