The Irish economy: Selected policy issues

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Here you will find links to some of my older unpublished or otherwise hard-to-find papers for which I sometimes receive requests. Thus, although for many years I was researching mainly the financial systems of developing and transition economies at the World Bank, and from April 2007 at Trinity College Dublin this page is chiefly about the Irish economy, many of the papers having been prepared while I was Research Professor at the ESRI, 1990-98. (my cv is here and a full list of publications is here).

My speeches as Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland 2009-15 can be accessed at

For other papers, see my pages at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, at SSRN and at REPEC



Explaining the Irish Economic Miracle of the 1990s

Irelandís Exchange Rate Regimes

Fiscal Policy in Ireland

You can also find here the otherwise unavailable working paper versions of a few other papers::

Diagnosing Banking System Failures in Developing Countries (September 1996)

(shorter version is a BIS working paper, and shortened and revised version was published in Economic Notes, Feb. 2000)

The Fiscal Approach to Financial Intermediation (March 1994)

Does PPP-Adjusted Data Exaggerate the Relative Size of Poor Economies (January 2000)

(shorter version published in Applied Economics Letters, December 2001)