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Photos from time served In the naval service Aboard L.E.Eithne(P31) from 1986 onwards.

All the following Photos are property of one HPT Murphy. I assume when he sent me all these he wanted them posted.I hold no responsibility for any discomfort caused by viewing some of these photos...All Captions by Mr Murphy Himself.i.e thats him firing the rhinemetall..not the pig in charge(someday...perhaps)

They are the best look at Naval Life that I have ever seen(no frills)

In no particular order...

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Eithne Alongside Waterford 1993


Heli Ops

murf2.JPG (60343 bytes)

It did actually live with us breifly in 1987

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hail the Dauphin.....FDO and his young apprentice

murph1.JPG (51393 bytes)

A mirage from 1987

upe50E0.jpg (151635 bytes)

The Dauphin on the deck had suffered an engine fire the previous day and the one hovering was bringing in spare parts and engineers.Taken in the Irish sea in the autumn of 1987

upe1305.jpg (144484 bytes)

Dope on a rope.On of the repair crew arriving to work on the damaged 244

upe1344.jpg (129588 bytes)

taken with a 35mm lens before he did a HIFR 1987

upe225.jpg (134752 bytes)

Eithne Dunmore east 13 june 199

upe3251.jpg (144458 bytes)

When we didn't have a helo we used to get volunteers to flap their arms and run around the flight deck.Today it was the Engineering divisions turn



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upe13A1.jpg (43718 bytes)

Deirdre passes Aisling on shoot 1988

upe7222.jpg (53830 bytes)

PVs line astern on a shoot 1988

upeF111.jpg (53921 bytes)

Port Rheinmetall "engage".... me 1988

upe2270.jpg (132871 bytes)

R.N AEW Seaking taking a closer look at us Oct 1987'PurpleWarrior

upe9055.jpg (129956 bytes)

theres that bloody seaking again

upe4035.jpg (141152 bytes)

Bridge L.E. Eithne ..Christmas day 1987


Boarding Stations

upe7043.JPG (89460 bytes)

damo and mugger getting a searider alongside...notice the lack of safety gear (This is just too scary..PIC)

upe2D0.jpg (38072 bytes)

Boarding Stations

upe5105.jpg (65892 bytes)

upe92E1.jpg (200782 bytes)

divers replacing 'anodes'on the ships hull along side in Dunlaoighre Jan 1988,The man standing is LtCdr Tom Meehan . the boat cox is Steve Mulligan and the divers are Damien Power and Coochie Doyle

upe5110.jpg (136918 bytes)

just hanging around

upeC155.jpg (125607 bytes)

l to r  A/sea's Donal 'mugger 'Maguire ' and Gerry Cousins both from Wexford Both Lunatics .Can't remember why the lifejackets.Probably ship was on fire again.

upeB0B0.JPG (78057 bytes)

Another case of you cant outrun the 20mm

upeD135.jpg (134271 bytes)


murf5.JPG (54444 bytes)

march 1988 we detained half a dozen Russian factory ships in Bantry buying fish from spaniards and Brits .The poser is none other than A/Sea Murphy.

Other Naval Service ,Dept Of Defence and Irish Vessels and Aircraft

upe60A4.jpg (152934 bytes)

MTL Colleen 2 Haulbowline 1986

upe81D3.JPG (98199 bytes)

Deirdre from the David F 1986

upe84.jpg (182829 bytes)

Aoife alongside waterford 1989

upe60B1.jpg (167865 bytes)

Business end of Ciaras 76mm.Alongside Waterford (by accident) 1989

upeE140.jpg (203312 bytes)

The other end of L.E. Ciara

upe50F4.jpg (178396 bytes)

Ciara Alongside Waterford 1989

upeB172.jpg (157128 bytes)

last of the Sweepers going for scrap january 1988

upe3341.jpg (144337 bytes)

Irish Lights Tender M.V Grey Seal Alongside Waterford March 1989

upe5190.jpg (169114 bytes)

No wonder they keep crashing them some idiots wall papered the iside of the cockpit

upe8290.jpg (115440 bytes)

up close and personnal 1990

People and Personalities aboard L.E.Eithne

upe7233.jpg (81946 bytes)

Engineering division LE eithne spring 1988

upe22D5.jpg (59370 bytes)

The Bosun Seanie(baldy) Smith

upe9095.jpg (162540 bytes)

left to right  A/sea Paul Kelly A/Sea martin'chippy'Molloy and A/Mech Tom McCarthy

upeA114.jpg (70888 bytes)

Strangely Murf has no caption for this one...

upe2100.jpg (57022 bytes)

Stewards Division Eithne 86-88

upe32E6.jpg (132123 bytes)

A/sea Colm Moroney.Don't ask....!

upeb172a.jpg (59261 bytes)

Top Donal Maguire(mugger) Bottom Denis Murphy(cookie Monster)

upeC345.jpg (51241 bytes)

Farewell to 'Coochie 'Doyle 1988

upeC161.jpg (140607 bytes)

During the period when Cdr Eoin McNamara was the OC L.E Eithne we were required to mount sentries at all times after a never spoken about incident with  the Ranger wing.This is me on New Years Eve 1987 carrying out on of these duties

(Compare this pic to that of the poser with the russian factory ships seen earlier..)

upe193.jpg (111777 bytes)

The lonliness of comand.The aforementioned officer observing R.N andR.M forces during operation 'Purple Warrior" off the Mull Of Kintyre in 1987



Foreign Naval Visitors

upeD322.jpg (313514 bytes)

Russian spy ship watching Purple Warrior exercises from inside irish waters October 1987. We were asked to move it along.It took us a while to get the message across.Taking the cover from the 20mm usually makes the point.

upeD014.jpg (91105 bytes)

La Combattante alongside Waterford 1988.

Interesting to note that she is the sole of class and was the fore runner to the Combattante 2+3 seris.Early in her carrer she had been used for ship board Exocet trials but at this stage she was fitted with a sole L40/70 Bofors and was used as a training vessel

upeA1C2.jpg (149387 bytes)

Russian training ship alongside Cork Sept 1990(Kashan)

upe3315.jpg (220131 bytes)

STY Lord Nelson Waterford 1988


And when you tire of the sea..You Become a reservist and Join the Cav!

upe9163.jpg (75054 bytes)

Car Commander AML60,with 0.5HMG.Me.Gunner: Derek Hackett,Driver:John Fitzpatrick.Patricks Day 1997