Northeastern Ireland History / Genealogical Tours, Grand Midi Coach Services
   by Plunkett McKenna


From: Des McKenna Sculptor
To: Plunkett McKenna
Date: Monday, July 24, 2000

Subject: Holiday of a Lifetime

Dear Plunkett,
Both Carmel and myself agree that the time we spent with you ,being shown around the historical sites of significance to our family ,was the absolute highlight in what altogether was the trip of a lifetime. It was of great importance to us to connect with Ireland and your wonderful knowledge, which you passed on so clearly and patiently in conducting us on the tour, was just magic to us. We thank you most sincerely and look forward to returning some time when we will definitely be seeking your services again.

Carmel and Des McKenna
Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia


If you want to learn about Ireland, its history and folklore and have a wonderful time doing so, than take a tour with Plunkett McKenna. He'll help you seek out the area where your ancestors lived if that's what you want to do. He did for us and we were excited to discover it. He filled us in on much of the background about the McKennas. He knows the best places to dine and is an excellent driver. We're coming back this July, 2000 for our third visit to the McKenna Clann gathering and we hope Plunkett still has room for us on his fun tours.

Mary and Joe Denning
Northridge, CA USA


July 25, 2000

Dear Plunkett
Just a note to thank you for the outstanding service you provided while I was there in Monaghan last month. The two weeks we spent were the most productive and informative that I have experienced while touring Your Country. Your knowledge and expertise were invaluable in helping me to understand the history and Geography of County Monaghan and Ireland as a whole.

I especially am appreciative of your willingness to show me places that were not on any itinerary and were of special interest to me, such as Loch Braden and the Prayer Cross. They were really in isolated areas but well worth the effort to see.

Don Gartlan,
San Jose, CA USA

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

July 25, 2000

Dear Plunkett,
Ten weeks have elapsed since you were driving me all over Ulster. I have finished my album of the townlands we visited and as I show it to my friends and relatives, they marvel how I was able to find this place and that with little or no visible names on most roads. I tell them, "I had Plunkett, an experienced driver who has a wonderful sense of direction and a good memory. A 'people' person, there's hardly a place where he doesn't know a friend or connection and he is not afraid to ask this one or that to steer us aright and has a willing and eager spirit to back track so that my mission would meet with success." Further, experienced driver, well skilled on the twists and turns, confidently taking the left side of the road as in most places in Europe.

When I think of how little I would have accomplished on my own trying to find nine important townlands if I had had the courage to rent a car, and how stressful it would have been, coming from the United States where streets and towns are well marked and one drives on the right side of the road. Equally impossible it would have been had I rented a cab. My pocket would have soon gone empty. What more can I say? May God continue to bless and keep you, Plunkett!

Your most grateful friend,
Joan Sullivan of Palo Alto, CA

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