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The Following is a list of Irish companies offering Gardening Hints,Tips and Advice:

www.grow-ireland.ieGrow Ireland is an informative and regularly updated website with a number of noteworthy features, including a plant-clinic in the form of a bulletin board.

www.gaelicgrowers.comGaelic Gardens is a new online magazine offering hints and tips for gardeners. From seed sowing times to plant profiles, this website offers a wealth of information on gardening.

www.se-growers.ieSouth East Growers are a group of wholesale nurseries based in counties Waterford, Kilkenny and Wexford. The group produces a wide range of plants, with each nursery specialising in plants such as camellias, bamboo's, climbers and ornamental trees.

homepage.eircom.net/~euroscapeEuroscape cater for all kinds of landscaping - from plain old lawns to patios and driveways, to ornamental rockeries and fountains.



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