Photo Gallery of Portumna

This gallery is the work of our Transition Year class who in April of this year photographed many views of Portumna. Click on the titles below to see a larger view.

bridge_sign.jpeg (19623 bytes)

Bridge opening times

gravestone.jpeg (18716 bytes)


abbey.jpeg (19973 bytes)

The Abbey

church.jpeg (15913 bytes)

Catholic Church

casle3.jpeg (15776 bytes)

Castle Gates

boat.jpeg (17947 bytes)

Portumna Swingbridge

nursinghome.jpeg (20048 bytes)

Nursing Home

horans.jpg (20315 bytes)

Cormac Horan

chemist.jpeg (20955 bytes)

Hayes' Pharmacy

cat.jpg (19580 bytes)

The Cat and Fiddle Pub

convent.jpeg (22273 bytes)


cow.jpeg (15607 bytes)

Cow Grazing

crane.jpeg (16266 bytes)


fr_frank.jpeg (16625 bytes)

Fr. Frank.

garda.jpeg (19196 bytes)

Garda Station

2000.jpeg (16404 bytes)

Portumna 2000

hayes.jpeg (20176 bytes)

Butcher Shop

houses.jpeg (18568 bytes)

St. Bridget's Rd

jim_heinz.jpeg (25789 bytes)

Jim Hynes'

john.jpeg (17399 bytes)

John O' Meara

library.jpg (22018 bytes)


man_on_bike.jpeg (18516 bytes)

Man on Bike

martins.jpeg (18747 bytes)


martinsinside.jpeg (20536 bytes)

Micky Martin

national_school.jpeg (16132 bytes)

Portumna N.S

postwoman.jpeg (18957 bytes)


post.jpg (28534 bytes)

Post Office

pub.jpeg (19995 bytes)

Seamus Hayes

pump.jpeg (17408 bytes)

Village Pump

tractor.jpeg (19139 bytes)

Patrick St.

the_shoe_shop.jpeg (19490 bytes)

Shoe Shop

wh_window.jpeg (15962 bytes)

Workhouse 1.

workhouse3.jpeg (19606 bytes)

Workhouse 2

main_street.jpeg (16904 bytes)

Main St.

signs.jpeg (20848 bytes)