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Forensics & Toxicology & Pharmacology & Pharmacy 

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Forensics & Toxicology 
Alphabetic Search of the Cornell Consultant for Data on intoxication, poisoning or toxicity in animals
American Board of Veterinary Toxicology (ABVT) 
ATSDR Search Engine - Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry
ATSDR ToxFAQsTM - FAQs About Contaminants Found at Hazardous Sites 
Common Poisonous Plants in Nova Scotia
Cornell Consultant: Veterinary Diagnostic Software
Database of Toxic Chemicals and Hazardous Jobs
EXTOXNET Global Search

EXTOXNET Pesticide Information Profiles (PIPs) Search

Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank Homepage

Forensics: US Fish & Wildlife Forensics Lab

Forensics: Zeno’s Page
Medline Search
Mycotoxins in Livestock Feed and Forage
National Food Safety Database [U Florida]
NIEHS Advanced Search - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences 
Plants Poisonous to Livestock and Pets (Indiana)
Plants Toxic to Animals (Illinois)
Poisonous and Toxic Plants Guide (US Army)
Poisonous Plant Database (Plant List - botanical names only), US FDA
Poisonous Plants Databases (Maryland) (very good)
Poisonous Plant Guide Search Engine (A.P Knight, Colorado State)
Poisonous Plant Information System (Canada)
Poisonous Plants found in Singapore
Poisonous Plants Homepage - Cornell University
Poisonous Plants Homepage (Alphabetic List) - Cornell University
Poisonous Plants Links
Prevention of Plant Poisonings in Livestock & Pets Program [Virginia Tech]
Toxibase (France - English Version, on addictive drugs)
Toxicology Links

TOXLINE [Click on the Toxline option in Internet Grateful Med]

TOXNET (Toxicology Data Network)
ToxSearch - Toxicology & Environmental Health Search Page
Pharmacology & Pharmacy 
BioPharma Product Search Engine | BioPharma Biopharmaceutical Products [Product biotechnology and commercial aspects, FDA-approved for therapeutic or in vivo use, with unique and previously unavailable information on biologics and other biotechnology-derived drugs and medical devices, including recombinant proteins, (monoclonal) antibodies, vaccines, blood products, cultured tissues, and radioimmune diagnostics]. 
British Pharmacopoeia Online [Needs Password; £750/year]
Chinese Herbal Remedies - RxList Alternatives
Chinese Medicinal Formulas: Warning
Clinical Pharmacology World Class Drug Information 
CVM-FDA Centre for Veterinary Medicine & Animal Drugs
CVM Search
Drug Database (PharmInfo)

Electronic Version of South African Medicines Formulary [Drug-Drug Interactions]

Find a Drug (Remedy) by Symptom Keyword Search (RxList)
Internet Drug Index (RxList)
Medical & Veterinary Pharmacology
Medline Search
New Drugs (in Doctors Guide to WWW)
Pharmacy (in Doctors Guide to WWW)
Pharmacy Online (HealthCentralRx)
Traditional Chinese & Western Herbal Medicine in Humans & Animals
Vet Index (details of veterinary drugs in UK) [Needs Password; Free]
Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook

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