Castlemartyr is a thriving village
in Co. Cork, Ireland, located 25
minutes east of Cork city, six
miles east of Midleton, 10 miles
west of Youghal and four miles
from the coast. About 500 people
live in the village with a further
2,000 in its immediate hinterland.

It is located on the busy N25
route and has an expanding
network of community and
sporting organisations.

Castlemartyr is also a historical
village with a range of sites of
archaeological and socio-cultural
interest, reflecting virtually every
era in the country's history and

Castlemartyr is an expanding
village in terms of its community,
its economy, its amenities and
new housing projects.

This site will try to reflect some of
what goes on here as well as
what has gone on here in the
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