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Roaring Water Bay is situated in the South-West of Ireland, six miles west of the town of Skibbereen. It has three main sources, the Mean River which flows through the townlands of Lisaclarig and Kilcoe and enters the bay at Leighcloon. The Ballydehob river which enters the bay near Ballyhehob village and the largest of the three rivers, the Ilen (Eibhlie) River which flows through Skibbereen and enters the bay close to Turk Head . The waters from these rivers flow through the bay and into the Atlantic.They are two main sections to the bay and can be graphically divided by the Skeams [ Map ], i.e. that is to the south and to the north of these islands.

To the north of the Skeams we have the Islands of Horse Island, Castle Island, Long Island, the Carthy's, Mannin and Mannin Beag. As we travel from Horse Island to the eastern coastland we are confronted with one of the most beautiful coastland around Ireland. This coastland has remained relatively untouched by human and displays the wonders of nature. Parts of the coastland consists of sea carved cliffs and not to far away sandy beaches. As you move eastwardly the coastland becomes more roughly with many hidden rocks. The north and south of this section of the bay are guarded by two Castle which themselves convey another story about the previous history of the bay. Both sections of the bay supply, have and do, employment for the local people [Products]  

To the south of the Skeams we have the Islands of Heir Island, Sherkin Island, Cape Clear, the Calves and a few smaller islands. This part of the bay is well opened to the punishment of the Atlantic. Here the bay is  deeper and half submerged rocks (at low tide) are of an abundance. As you pass through this part of the bay you can see the well-worn coast of the islands and the coastland which have non-stop erosion by the Atlantic Ocean. Part on this section of the bay is over looked by Whitehall House, a landlords house, which like the castles, gives the bay a sense of power, of something that is protected and savored. As you head past Cape Clear and at the edge of Roaring Water Bay is another land mark that of the Fastnet. A lighthouse which for years and to this day gives direction to many sailors. After this point the next stop is America.

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