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The Band

    SEÁN CORCORAN (bouzouki & lead vocals)

    Seán had a long career as a solo singer before founding CRAN with Desi, and is internationally renowned as a skilful interpretor of songs from the Irish tradition, both in English and Gaelic. "His highly-ornate vocal technique is the true voice of the Irish folk.."(WASHINGTON POST ). From the port town of Drogheda, on the banks of the river Boyne in Co.Louth, he was surrounded by music from his childhood. His paternal grandmother was a fiddler and concertina-player and his maternal grandfather, "an old salt who had swallyed the anchor" (a sailor who had settled on land) was a shanty-singer. He began as a Feis singer, (Gaelic song contests) and while still at school began seeking out local traditional singers. Among the singers he came across he was tremendously fortunate to "discover" the hither-to unknown Mary Ann Carolan, who turned out to be one of the most important traditional singers of her generation. She became his "grandmother in song" and he later produced an album of her singing which was issued on Topic Records.

    He has been at the heart of the traditional and folk-music scenes in Ireland for many years and has played with all the well-known performers in the field - Paul Brady, Donal Lunney, Christy Moore, Mick Moloney and Kevin Coneff of the Chieftains. A collector and innovator, his name constantly appears in the credits of many a best-selling Irish folk album (check out The Chieftains' Kevin Coneff's solo offering and also the recent C.D. from Maighréad Ní Dhómhnaill). He has performed all over Europe and in Japan and North America (including the Smithsonian Festival) Among the many bands he played with were the popular vocal group, The Press Gang. Performer, broadcaster, folk-music collector and documentary-maker, Seán is currently series editor of a comprehensive collection of field-recordings of Irish music, published by the Arts Council, under the title, Harvest Home.
    Previous recordings include the albums, The Press Gang (Hawk Records) and Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh (Green Linnet).


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