drama day It was Drama Day for one and all as the children of Rossport national school put on a performance of a lifetime.

An idea which is relatively new to our school, as each class

set about entertaining young and old alike.

Naionain Shinsear and Naionain Shoisir started off the afternoon with a delightful selection of

poems and rhymes, dan agus finger-plays.



Next up was Rang 1&2 with their two short and witty plays. The first was called "Wash Day Fun"

where a selection of clothes come to life to the astonishment of the wash-lady. The play goes on

until the wash-lady finally convinces the clothes that they do really need washing "to keep them clean

so that they are fit to be seen".

In the second of their adaptations, "Was He Pushed or Did He Fall? " the children try to find out whom

really did push Humpty Dumpty off the wall. Along the journey the policeman encounters all the different

nursery characters; Jack and Jill, the Duke of York, Old King Cole, Georgie Porgie, Little Boy Blue, Old

Mother Hubbard, Bo Peep, the Queen of Hearts and Mary Mary. Eventually we find out the truth

"You know Dish ran off with Spoon?

Cow kicked Humpty as he jumped over the moon!"

musical cat



Rang a 3 were very industrious and performed 2 plays: the girls doing a delightful version of "The Tooth Fairy"

by Shirley Barber. The boys on the other hand acting out "Who Killed Cock Robin?"

 Rang a 4 were next up with their play depicting Greek times with "The Village People". We travelled back to an ancient land and saw a glimpse of what life was like at that time.

great billy goat gruffbig billy goat grufflittle billy goat grufftroll


Rang a 5 done an excellant version of "The FIVE Billy Goats Gruff" this play

was among one of the funniest performances of the day and keep everyone entrigued by their antics.

Rang a 6 were last up with an adaptation of the play "Telling Tales". This play depicted a classroom scene with anxious pupils awaiting the arrival of their new teacher. This again was a hilarious comedy as the pupils took over the teachers' roll of storyteller.