History of Rossport N.S.

Rossport n.s.

Rossport n.s. was built in 1964.

There are 4 teachers in the school at the moment.

There is also a shared remedial and shared "Breaking the cycle" teacher.

Ancient History

In 1840, there was a Protestant schoolhouse in Rossport. 72 pupils attended it. An

application was then made for a new school house by Samuel Bournes(a landlord).

The new schoolhouse was 36 feet by 17 feet, 2 roomed, thatched building with

windows. The teacher was Patrick Walsh, aged 21.The number of pupils attending

the school was 48.

The school was accepted by the Board in 1843, and given the Roll No.3730. Samuel

Bournes was its manager. In 1844 Bartholomew Page was appointed. Owen

Mulloney replaced him in 1846. In July 1849, the school was "struck off"

the roll. Mulloney was dismissed for incompetence.

Some of the children were sent to Pollathomas School. The schoolhouse was

then let to a tenant.

The next school to appear in this town-land was in 1874. Father John Melvin made

an application to the Board of Education. It was one-roomed. It was built on the

site on which the old Rossport school stands.

The teacher was Ellen Holmes , aged 18 & 1/2. She had taught in Glencullen school

until September1874. She held a certificate of education from the Board. There

were about sixty children attending the school.

The school was given the Roll no.11098. The school was closed in 1882, the building

was badly hit by a storm. The new school was built on the same site as the previous

one and opened in December 1885 (Roll no.12569). This school was in use until the

present school of the same roll number was opened in 1964.

The present teachers are:

Niall King (principal)

Anita Healy

Mary Nicoll

Tommy Mullarkey

Majella O'Malley

John Conway (remedial)

I would like to thank all the people who helped me compile this information, their help

is greatly appreciated.

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