Sport activities in our school

In our school we have both a soccer league and a basketball league.

We have competitions on an ongoing basis. 

"In our football league at the moment the teams have got to the knockout stages. This is an important stage because it means the difference between going through to the next stage or watching the remainder of games from the side line."

"Last year saw the beginning of the construction of our new football pitch. The pitch is all fenced now and we await the arrival of the green grass this spring. This is a very big development for our school as we will now have a place to train and a place to play our matches."

this is our new football pitch, which will be ready shortly.



"In our basketball league there is huge competition. The teams have reached the semi-final stages and the remaining four teams are all in with a good chance of reaching the final. But alas only two teams will be lucky.

The teams left are very competitive and there are sure to be some disappointed faces early next week!!!

Basketball is very popular in our school, ever since our current principal introduced it when he arrived here in the'80s. His efforts to teach us has brought many former teams to competitions all over Mayo and they have returned with many a trophy."


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