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Performance management Service using Topitall

System performance management and monitoring is a never ending and often subtle process. The development of computerised systems follow a well established lifecycle, which all too often is compressed in time, and all too often system monitoring is left to the last or not implemented at all. There are many commercial Enterprise System Monitoring and management tools from Companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, BMC and Computer Associates and they offer tools and solutions  which are both comprehensive and exhaustive.

Topitall is neither comprehensive or exhaustive, it only addresses the basic core areas of interest, but because of this it can provide a quick, easy and understandable baseline for performance management.  Topitall runs in a similar manner on unix, windows- NT and 2000 and so can be deployed in a consistent manner in your Enterprise systems.  Topitall is easyl to install and so can be deployed early in a project's lifecycle, without distracting resources from the main project development and then can gather data over time as the system is developed or grows.   Perfomance data is stored for one day in one minute time resolution and so can be used during intensive periods of testing to identify problem areas early.  Longer term data is stored and displayed for up to one year, and so can identify long term trends before the system grinds to a halt.

Why should I outsource this key activity ?

How do I start ?

If you have Topitall installed on one or more Unix windows- NT or 2000 machines in your enterprise but you are not sure how to best configure it for your specific system RTFM can provide a customised analysis cycle service for Unix machines.  No physical or electronic access is normally required to your machines but this relies on the running of some commands, emailing the results and copying the new config files so email correspondance needs to be made with a person with administrative access to the machines concerned.  Client confidentiality is assured and no use will be made of the information disclosed in this process without the client's written consent.

Analysis Cycle

A brief questionaire should first be filled in describing the hardware and software configuration, the overall functions of the machine and the main applications which are to be monitored.
Phase 1 :
Gather basic system information by running topitall in profiler mode [no process.cfg file] during normal system actvity and after a period of a few days gzip the tia data directory and email the result for analysis.  One of our Unix Consultants will analyse the data, group the processes into related functions and produce a process config file and an alert.cfg file for you to use as a starting point.
Phase 2.
This can be repeated at intervals of three months, six months or a year as a "System Health Check" to identify longer term trends and a report prepared on each occasion giving an overview of the system and highlighting problem areas which have occurred or look like they will occur within a specified time frame.


Topitall Server 
One-off analysis cycle per machine 
Subsequent analysis, per cycle
Discount for 5 machines or more
Extra support, per hour, telephone or analysis customization
These prices are for small-mid sized machines,  we reserve the right to charge more under agreement  for larger machines for example with more than 50 disk volumes or more than 50 active processes.

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