What is a Vocation?

Each of us has a life dream. It helps us to answer this question: "What shall I do with my adult life?" Our life dream has the quality of a vague vision and usually emerges during our adolescent years. Most of us realise that times of change and turmoil in life provide fertile ground for understanding and evaluating the place of the dream in our life. How do I get in touch with that dream?

All christians have a 'vocation' in life. The word 'vocation' comes from the Latin word 'vocare' which means "to call". Some people God calls through marriage, others as single people. There is the same mystery about religious life as there is about falling in love. It is something in our hearts that we cannot explain. Do not expect God to tap you on the shoulder and say ,"Be a Sister"!

The realisation of this call will come at different times of life and in different ways - from something you have read, an event in your life, a person you have met or known. The call from God can only be heard when you are in tune with God, it's a growing realisation that to spend your life as a Sister dedicated to Christ and his people is what would make you happy. Not everyone will be drawn to Religious Life. If you think you are, it is at least worth exploring.

Think about it, pray about it, we're here to help you in any way we can...whatever your journey.

Among the forms of religious life within the Catholic Church are: Apostolic Congregations and Contemplative Orders.

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