As the title says this is an album review site. The album reviews will be updated a couple of times a week so Bookmark this page (ctrl + d). I'll be reviewing any new albums I buy, aswell as older albums I already own. The album reviews will also include any albums I get a loan of or any albums i get sent for review. My taste is best described as alternative so bands of that genre are the most likely to have their albums reviewed. I do tend to listen to a lot of different music so bands you're likely to see album reviews from will range between R.E.M., Garbage, Blur, Cornershop, Stereophonics, Hole, Tindersticks, Catatonia, Drugstore, Looper, Teenage Fanclub, Tom Waits, Wilco, Jack Lukeman etc. In other words just about any band you can imagine could have their album reviewed here.

Last Updated 2 March 2000

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