Best Persian
Hoitytoity Wannbe Posh, Tortie & white, owned by Dr S L Cox and bred by Mrs S P Smith

Best Semi-Long Hair
Int Ch Dairymaine Ballybrack, Maine Coon, owed by Mrs P S Saville and bred by Mrs J M Haynes

Best British
Best In Show
Cassiobury Gretel Garbo, Blue, owned and bred by Mrs V Brooks

Best Foreign
Rakasta Mr Bojangles, Brown Spotted Bengal, owned by Miss B Ryan and bred by A M MacDonald & Mr M Quinn

Best Burmese
Reserve Best In Show

Coomakista Gizem Saka, Brown Burmese, owned and bred by Ms M Lenihan

Best Siamese/Balinese
Siawye Maid Ofice, Lilac Point, owned by Dr E Timoshenko and bred by Mr S Cahoon & Mr D Dowds
Best In Show Non-Pedigree
Baily, Short Hair Cream Tabby, owned by Miss C O'Leary