Public's Favourite Cat - Non Ped
,, #94 BERTIE A short-haired Black & White Male Neuter.
Public's Favourite Cat - Pedigree
..~#46 LABRYS WARRIOR PRINCESS, an Orange Eyed White British Shorthair Kitten.
Overall Best In Show
& Best Foreign Exhibit
..#57 Ms AM McDonald & Mr M Quinn's ACCLAIM CLEOPATRA - an Adult Female Egyptian Mau

Joint Reserve Best In Show
& Best Persian
..#12 Mrs. E McCarthy's LISABEL GALAXY An Exotic Male Neuter

Joint Reserve Best In Show
& Best Burmese
..#78 Mr J Archer's ISHCUS ALYSSA A Female Adult Cream Burmese

Best Semi- Longhair
..#23 Ms PS Saville's ISHCUS MELISA An Adult Female Maine Coon

Best British
..#42 Mr JM O'Sullivan's SLIABH NASTY NICK A Cream Male Adult

Best Oriental
..#87 Ms M Lenihan's KYOMI KOHANA An Adult Female Oriental Lilac

Best Siamese
..#91 Ms M Lenihan's SHADOWSQUAD ANAM-CARA A Female Tortie Point Kitten

A full list of winners is available for download here .This is a pdf file and will open in a new window
Linda Clark
Michele Codd