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Irish Kennel Club. This link will get you to the Irish Kennel Club website, information on rules, regulations, membership, breeds, competitions, show dates for all results etc.

MACTIRE Samoyeds         KALDORA Kennels         NADUSKA Samoyeds         NORDVIKENS Kennels

Swedish Samoyed club “SSR”         White Samoyeds

The Samoyed Club of America International Samoyed Clubs. Current contacts for parent Samoyed breed clubs
in all countries around the world, for information exchange. Please send updates
and new club/contact information to the SCA Webmaster Information needed is
the Club Name, Contact name/address/e-mail addresses, etc.

ankies homepage Net Italian Samoyed Club Web Site

Samoyed Rescue Organisation

Rescue Success Stories This page is dedicated to Samoyeds that have been rescued and placed into permanent loving homes. Each dog portrayed has a unique history and special story all their own. If you are interested in adopting a homeless Samoyed..........

 The Samoyed Organisation U.K. The Samoyed Association U.K. is the oldest organisation representing the breed in Great Britain and in its present form it came into being at Crufts in 1920 as the result of the amalgamation of The Samoyed Club (formed in 1909 by Mr Kilburn-Scott) and the Ladies' Samoyed Association(formed in 1912 with Mrs Kilburn-Scott as its President because the committee of the Club was restricted to male members!)..........

Slåboda´s Kennel.         Our Dogs web site a great site with up todate news, breeders lists and online shop.

Irish animals on line "Must see site" animals in need of home (lots of info)

Frostbite's Samoyeds Snowmist Samoyeds Web Site

Cessibons Kennel Ikiliikkujan Samoyeds

Karasea Samoyeds

Funny Fabric Samoyeds Kennel Kuuraturkin

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