We occasionally have kittens for sale to suitable. permanent and loving homes. Please feel free to contact us at any time to enquire about the current situation. If we do not have any kittens ourselves, we may be able to point you in the right direction. If there is a particular breed or colour which you would like, it is worth remembering that this may well have to be booked some time in advance. Certain, unusual colours and breeds are often quite rare and are sometimes spoken for before they are born (or even conceived).


At the very least, when buying a kitten, we recommend that you visit the kittens home and see for yourself the conditions in which they are kept. Make sure you meet the mother and satisfy yourself that she is secure and content, and that her kittens are completely happy to be handled. Although the type of temperament will vary from breed to breed, no kitten will reach it's full potential unless raised in a loving home with constant human contact and affection. Happily this is the norm, but there are, unfortunately, some instances of 'Kitten Farming' and you must be sure that you are not buying from such a dubious establishment.

We feel you should avoid breeders offering a permanent supply of kittens (avoid any Kittens Always Available signs) and avoid any breeder offering an almost unlimited number of different breeds - these are not good signs.

When viewing a kitten remember that you are under no obligation to buy, and remember also that any good reputable breeder will be sizing you up as a suitable owner rather than just another customer. An older or non-breeding, obviously much loved, family pet cat is a very good sign, as this will almost certainly mean that the breeder really loves their cats and this affection will be reflected in the temperament of any kittens they sell.

Please contact us at contact@sanibelcats.com if you feel we can be of any assistance.

Good Luck!