All our links are specially chosen either to be of particular help to cat lovers, or, in the case of breeders/owners sites, they are chosen from people who share our love of cats as individuals, rather than cats as just show/breeding successes.
This is a link to the Siamese and All Breeds Cat Club of Ireland (SABCCI) - the longest established, and still the best, cat club in Ireland. Lots of Information here, check out the breeders page.
Check out this interesting site - from the main man in the life of our cat's health - their vet! On their behalf we thank him for looking after them so well.
Martin O'Sullivan's website, of Sliabh Cats fame. This is a man whose feelings for the cats in his life reflect our own feelings for ours. Check out his beautiful cats.
Judith Bermans superb Cat site with Global cat information.
This is a very special site dedicated to lovers of Siamese Cats in particular. Please click on the icon to check it out.
We are pleased to have been awarded a three Shamrock award from DORAS, the directory of Irish internet sites. Please click here to read the review. Click on the icon to go to the DORAS site.