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This is not a complete listing of Bangkok and Chiang Mai stamp stores and other outlets but it hits the main ones. Bangkok, like any major city is always changing so please telephone these stores before making a long journey to make sure the shop is open and a knowledgeable person is available.

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The map referred to is the one widely available in stores that cater to tourists and comes as a 5x7" plastic wrapped packet. It is entitled "Bangkok Thailand" and is particularly useful for bus and river taxi routes. It usually sells for 30-45 baht.

This excellent guide was originally researched and compiled by Alan Cameron. It has been carefully updated by long term Bangkok resident Dick Blakeney. Many thanks to both Alan and Dick.


The excellent new Skytrain has made travelling to and around the Sukhumvit, Siam Square and Silom Road areas of Bangkok a snip. There are two lines, the Sukhumvit line and the Silom line, the latter being somewhat shorter. There is an interchange at Siam Square. The price of a journey varies from 10 to 40 baht dependent on distance. A 15 trip ticket costs 300 baht and is valid for 1 month.

To get to the GPO, take the Silom line to its terminus at Saphan Taksin. On leaving the station, turn left into Charoen Krung Road, go straight past Robinson's Department Store and walk for about half a mile, about half way you will see Silom road on your right. Soon after you will come to the first of the Charoen Krung stamp shops, just after Oriental Lane. Allowing for the heat and crowds, it should take about 15 minutes. Or you could hail a tuk-tuk for about 25 baht.

To get to Chatuchak Park, take the Skytrain Sukhumvit line to its end at Mo Chit. Looking to the left side of the platform on arrival, you can see Chattuchak Park.

To get to the World Trade Center, take either line to Siam Square and walk back towards Ratcha-Damri Road and into the WTC building through the Zen department store.


Location: 1160 Charoen Krung Road

Map Grid: G-6

Hours: Mail services: Mon-Fri 0800-2000, Sat-Sun 0800-1300

Pack & Wrap: Mon-Fri 0830-1630, Sat 0900-1200

Money Orders: Mon-Fri 0800-1700, Sat 0900-1300

Philatelic: Mon-Fri 0830-1730, Sat 0800-1300, Sunday 0800-1200

The GPO is an absolute must for a visiting stamp collector, not only for the sake of the building itself and the services provided there but also because the largest concentration of postage stamp stores in Bangkok is within a 1-2 minute walk from this location.

Let's assume you get there early on a weekend morning, perhaps about 0800. The main hall that you enter is huge, and there are 39 service counters in front of you. At the extreme right end of the hall is the pack and wrap service area. There is also a doorway here entering into a room off of which are the restrooms, a staircase, and an entryway into the telegraph office. (Telegraph office is now closed and blocked off. There is a small counter just inside the main GPO entrance that now takes telegrams. Telegram service is rapidly being phased out of the Thai postal service.) Want a good photograph of the main hall? Go up one flight on the staircase and you'll find a large window over-looking the hall.

At the other end of the main hall are the Post Restante facilities and the Philatelic section. You should go to the philatelic sales windows first because they'll be hard to get to later after the crowds arrive. If the windows are already open you'll find a basket of scrap paper on the counter. Take a piece and write down the code numbers of the stamps, souvenir sheets, first day covers, maximum cards, etc. displayed in the various cases and then get in line.

Why is the GPO located here? With all of the tall buildings around it's hard to realize it but the back yard of the GPO is the Chao Phraya River, and the GPO was probably constructed here around 1940 because of its proximity to the river. You can get to the river by walking down some of the sois off of Charoen Krung Road. A new GPO Tower (high-rise building) has now been constructed behind the old GPO building. It has a unique "Broadcast Tower" on it’s top that can be seen from a great distance. The river is behind this new building.


Location: In front of the General Post Office, 1160 Charoen Krung Road

Map Grid: G-6

Hours: Sat-Sun only 0900-1700. Some dealers start leaving around 3:00PM.

Almost 20 stamp dealers operate from an open-sided tent erected in the parking lot in front of the GPO on New Road every weekend. Sales start at 0900 or earlier but many of the dealers don't arrive until near noon. Each dealer has his material spread out on a table and there are usually plenty of chairs so you can sit down and go through their stock books and boxes of covers and souvenir sheets. For those who like classical Thai stamps and postal history, pay a visit to Kitti Damrongvadhana, who has a large and interesting stock together with a vast knowledge of the subject. He also speaks excellent English, German and French.

This is a must stop, not only because of the large number of dealers here but also because many of them do not have stores where you can visit them.


Location: 1164-66 Charoen Krung Road, just to the right as you leave the GPO compound.

Map Grid: G-6

Mail: A. A. Nuphila, 1164-66 New Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand


Hours: Monday-Saturday 1000-1830, closed on Sundays.

Tel: 237-1105, 236-9976

Fax: 237-8154

This store is operated by J. Thana and his wife, both of whom speak excellent English. This is probably the most spacious and best organized stamp store in Bangkok. In addition to stamps and related items, they also deal in currencies and silver objects from the Thai hill tribes. The store is located less than a minutes walk from the GPO.


Location: 1196 New Road, very near to the GPO

Mail: Oriental Stamp Center, 1196 Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Map grid: G-6

Hours: Mon-Sat 0930-1730

Tel/Fax:  233-8477 

This is another of the five postage stamp stores located within 1-2 minutes walk from the GPO. In addition to Thai and worldwide stamps, they sometimes have packets of Thai kiloware which I have found to be of particularly good quality. They also sell seashells and mounted butterflies.

Their magazine advertising and business cards make use of both names, Oriental Stamps and Burapha Stamps.


Location: 1216 Charoen Krung Road

Hours: Monday – Saturday ? (closed Sunday)

Veerachai Smitasin and his father have operated this shop for many years. His father officially retired in 1997, but can be seen in the shop most days. Veerachai has produced two of the finest Thai/English books on Thai coins and banknotes. He speaks excellent English


Location: 427 Charoen Krung Soi 43

Map grid: G-6

Mail: Hobby Stamps, 427 Charoen Krung Soi 43, Si Phraya, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Hours: Monday-Sunday. Sometimes closed on weekdays – no set schedule.

Tel: 02-266-2969-70 or hand phone 01-868-8822

To get to Hobby, exit the GPO compound to the left. Walk to the first soi. There is a crosswalk across Charoen Krung to your right. Cross the street at this crosswalk. Go around the corner of soi 43. Hobby Stamps is about the third shop on the right.


Location: 1142 Charoen Krung (New) Road

Mail: L. Kim Guan, G.P.O. Box 25, Bangkok, 10501, Thailand

Map grid: G-6

Hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1730, Sat 0900-1500

Tel: ................

This shop had been on Silom Road for many years but in recent years it moved to the GPO area. It is in the same block of stores that Leng Stamps is located.

This store was established in 1927 and so is one of the oldest stamp dealers in the city. They don't have nearly as much stock these days as in past years but they can still produce some hard to find items.


Location: 1143 Charoen Krung Road, opposite the GPO

Map Grid: G-6

Mail: S. Surachai Coins & Stamps, G.P.O. Box 1574, Bangkok, 10501, Thailand

Tel: 234-0836

This store is located directly across the street from the GPO but, as the name implies, they are more into coins than stamps. They have a rather limited English-language capability.


Location: Charoen Krung Road, near the GPO

Mail: Leng Stamps, G.P.O. Box 1214, Bangkok 10501, Thailand

Map grid: G-6

Hours: open Mon-Tue, Thu-Sat, 0930-1700.

Tel: 233-3178; Fax: 234-6407

This is another of the five postage stamps stores located within 1-2 minutes walk from the GPO. Leng moved back to his original location on Charoen Krung from the Si Phraya Road location a couple of years ago.

It's occasionally difficult to get anyone to pay attention to you in this store as often only the owner is in attendance and he's usually quite patient and painstaking with whatever customer he is dealing with at the time. But collectors interested in kiloware should definitely not pass this place up. They sell two kilogram bags (4.4 lbs.) of Thai definitive kiloware for only 150 baht ($6), and they also have commemorative stamp kiloware at higher prices. You'll probably see bags of the kiloware in the window displays on either side of the entrance to the store.

In addition to worldwide stamps, these folks also deal in telephone cards and currency items. They also have what is probably the largest selection of Thai FDC's of any dealer in Bangkok.

Store is run by Khun Chotchuang Satjaphraeophan, who speaks very little English. However, his son and daughter are usually present and speak excellent English.


Location: World Trade Center

Mail: Siam Stamp Trading, Ltd., World Trade Center, A-407 (4th floor), Rajdamri Rd., Rajprasong, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Map Grid: left center of F-8

Hours: 1000-1930, seven days a week

Tel: 255-9599 Fax: 255-9599

Sakserm Siriwong and his partner Suphadej Suksantisawad operate this company. They are two of the most knowledgeable stamp dealers in the country and both have won numerous major awards for their own stamp collections.

The store is located on the fourth floor of the World Trade Center building at the intersection of Phloen Chit and Ratcha-Damri Roads. This is a huge building containing dozens and dozens of shops, restaurants, department stores and other businesses. The elaborate spirit house for the Trade Center is located nearest to the above mentioned intersection. Directly behind the spirit house is the ground-level entrance to the Zen Department Store. Enter here and walk back into the interior of Zen to the escalators. Go to the 4th floor and exit Zen by going straight ahead once you come off the escalator. As you exit Zen you'll pass the Cafe Chino Coffee Shop on the left and the Bio Concepts health food store on the right. Angle right to go down a hallway, and at the end of this hall is Siam Stamp Trading.

Both Sakserm and Suphadej speak excellent English.


Location: The Mall in Bang Kapi, Lat Phrao Road, 3rd floor

Map Grid: E-14

Mail: Best Stamps, The Mall Bangkapi, 3rd floor, Lat Phrao Road, Bangkok 10240, Thailand

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 1030-2000, Saturday-Sunday 1000-2000

Tel: 734-1878

Fax: 734-1879

Vichit Eurtivong, who publishes one of the better Thai stamp catalogs, is the owner of this store which opened on August 5, 1994. This is a store well worth visiting even though it is located rather distant from the downtown Bangkok area. It is large and very orderly and Vichit stocks any number of Thai stamp rarities. You'll be amazed at the numerous full sheets of overprints and other early Thai stamps that he has on display. He also deals in foreign stamps, albums and other collecting accessories, coins, telephone cards, etc.

Take a taxi to "The Mall in Bang Kapi" or, if you take a bus watch the Soi numbers along Lat Phrao Road and get off between Sois 117 and 119. The mall is across Lat Phrao Road from these sois. The blue #15 (or sometimes a double, articulated white bus #514) air conditioned bus can be taken from Silom near the New Road intersection or from World Trade Center. It also goes by Fortune Town on the way.

The store fronts on the ground floor of the mall are, in order, Swensen's, Calico Jack's Fast Seafood, Macdonald's, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, and a Popeye's. Enter the Dunkin Donuts, continuing straight through it and into the mall. (These shops may change from time to time. Please forward any observations to
Webmaster.) Take the nearest escalator up two more floors to the 3rd floor. As you come off the escalator, go left and Best stamps is about 200 feet down on the right.

Both Vichit and his wife Benchamat speak excellent English.


Perapol Raimathurapong has a few showcases in the 3rd floor aisle of Central Pin Klao Department Store on the Thonburi side of the river. You can reach Central Pin Klao on the #511 air conditioned bus which runs up Sukhumvit, past World Trade Center, down Phetchaburi to Ratchadamnoen, then across the river.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 34, Phra Pin Klao Post Office, Bangkok 10705

Cell Phone 01-447-5456

e-mail –

Khun Perapol has a wide selection of modern worldwide stamps. He also sells on eBay as Mr. Stamps.


Map Grids: C-8

Years ago at Sanam Luang (where the Grand Palace is) there was the "Weekend Market." It filled up the entire parade ground and consisted of thousands of people selling thousands of different items. Food, clothing, books, plants, pets, house wears, you name it, it was there. There were also a few stamp dealers who operated out of briefcases or on small tables. But in about 1982 the market was re-located to a 30-acre area on the northern edge of the city called Chatuchak Park. It operates only on weekends (starting at 0700) and it has some advantages over the old Weekend Market because it is more organized. Most of the sellers are grouped together according to the item they sell. And most of them are inside large open-sided buildings so you are out of the sun and the rain. Most of the buildings have number and category signs up on their peaks and you need to watch these to find the few buildings containing stamp dealers.

A number of buses run from the downtown area to the Park but the #513 air conditioned bus is the only one running along Sukhumvit to go here. The sign on the front of this bus will read. If you get on at Sukhumvit, the bus will go to the World Trade Center and turn right on Ratcha-Prarop. In a few blocks it will turn left onto Ratcha Withi. It will go 3/4's of the way around the Victory Monument circle and then north on Phahon Yothin Road. In 2.5 kilometers it will go through an intersection where there is a vehicle flyover. Get off the bus at the second bus stop after going through this intersection. This bus stop is located just before a pedestrian overpass. Continue walking north along Phahon Yothin to the first traffic light intersection. But just before the intersection you'll see some people selling books, Buddha images, cassette tapes, and other stuff along the sidewalk. There are often 1-2 stamp dealers in amongst them. After crossing the intersection, turn left to walk down the sidewalk under the pine trees. Look through the fence on your right and you'll see many orchid and house plant dealers. Ahead you'll see a pedestrian overpass. About 20 feet beyond this overpass there is a street going to the right which leads to the park entrance.  Go down about 100 yards and you'll come to an entryway on the right to get into the market. Or you could take the Skytrain which will drop you at the opposite end of the market.

If you have taken the bus then at the entrance, the building on your right is Building #1 and there have been at least two stamp dealers in there. The building next to this one is #25/26 and there are a few more dealers here. However, stamp dealers at Chatuchak come and go so don't expect to find too much here.

Dress comfortably when going here. The buildings can be stiflingly hot even though you are under cover most of the time. Also try to keep a sense of where you are and how you got there. It's very easy to get turned around in the labyrinth of buildings and stalls. And, as in all crowded places in Bangkok, watch your wallet/purse.


Location: Mah Boon Krong Shopping Center, corner of Phaya Thai and Rama-I Roads

Map grid: Center of F-7

Mail: Prawit Udomkitchamongkol, 632/94 Pin Klao Road, Bang Yii Khan, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700, Thailand

Hours: 1000-2100 daily

Tel: 01-917-8909 (cellular); 412-6745 (2230-2400)

Fax: 434-5430

On the ground floor of the main Mah Boon Krong building along Phaya Thai Road is a MacDonalds Restaurant. Enter the building by this restaurant and go straight through to come out into the first corridor inside the building. Go left down the corridor and then take the first right turn and this should lead you right to the entrance of the Tops Supermarket. Prawit Stamps is just to the right but you have to look closely to find it as the store is named after the cosmetics sellers that he shares the property with. Their name, in case you get lost, is "Surprise Cosmetics"


Map Grid: C-8 (lower center)

Tel: ...

The Bangkok Postal Museum moved in July 2002 from the ground floor of the Metropolitan Postal Bureau (North) Building to the second floor of the new Sam Sen Nai postal building – both places are located behind the main Sam Sen Nai post office. This is just south of the old museum location and most of the old pillar boxes are still located in the court yard of the old building. Other postal museums operate in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima) City, and in Mae Ping, Chiang Mai Province. The Bangkok Postal Museum is co-located with the new Philatelist Association of Thailand (PAT) office and library. It is open Wednesday – Sunday, 0900-1600. Sam Sen Nai post office is located at 1549 Phahon Yotin Road. The location of this post office is marked by the letter symbol in the lower center of map grid C-8. In September 2002 a new stamp bourse was organized under the awning behind the Sam Sen Nai post office. At the present time, it is much smaller than the bourse at the GPO. Originally there were 7 or 8 dealers there. Recently (Dec. 2002) there have only been 2 or 3 in attendance. Business has been slow. It operates only on weekends. It will be interesting to see if it survives, but some have suggested moving the GPO bourse to this location because of the Museum and PAT office. Will be interesting to see what happens.

A number of buses run along this road but the #513 air conditioned bus is the only one running along Sukhumvit to go here.  If you get on at Sukhumwit, the bus will go to the World Trade Center and turn right on Ratcha-Prarop. In a few blocks it will turn left onto Ratcha Withi. It will go 3/4's of the way around the Victory Monument circle and then north on Phahon Yothin Road. In 2.5 kilometers it will go through an intersection where there is a vehicle flyover. Get off the bus at the first stop after this flyover. Continue walking north for about 200 feet and you'll come to the Sam Sen Nai Post Office. At the second gate you'll see signs directing you back to where the museum is. You could also take the Skytrain to the Saphan Khwai Sky Train station which is located directly in front of the Sam Sen Nai post office. In fact, the station is almost on top of the post office. The original plan was to build a new post office building in the car park, behind the old post office and then tear down the old building as it was to close to the Sky Train station. The new building was constructed, but then CAT discovered if they tore the old building down, they would have to give up most of the land it was on for a new street easementwhich they did not want to do. It was decided to continue using the old building for the post office. This left the new 6 story building without a purpose. So they decided to move the Museum and PAT office there. The original plan had been to move the Museum and PAT office to the second floor of the GPO building. It was discovered that that building has serious foundation problems – it was built on log pilings, which have now rotted away – and there is no money to repair the foundation, so the move there was scrapped.

The Museum was in a nice but rather small room and so the number of displays was quite limited. There are frames exhibiting most Thai and a few foreign stamps; displays of medals from Thai and international exhibitions; a sales counter where you can purchase current Thai stamps, other philatelic items and stamp collecting accessories; and a small library consisting of Thai and foreign philatelic publications. The museum is now in a large room – with plenty of room for expansion. As it is just re-organizing, many new cabinets and display frames have been ordered, but not yet installed. (A contract for over 6 million baht has been awarded for new museum and library equipment). This museum and library will continue to grow over the next few years. It will be interesting to see what happens here.

The museum is located only a few minutes walk from Chattuchak Park, a major weekend attraction in itself but also the location of a few stamp dealers. Any visit to the museum should be combined with a visit to Chattuchak. To get to the park from the museum, walk north on Phahon Yothin Road to the first traffic light intersection. Just before the intersection you'll see some people selling books, Buddha images, cassette tapes, and other stuff along the sidewalk. Watch these folks carefully as usually there are 2-3 stamp dealers in amongst them. After crossing the intersection, turn left to walk down the sidewalk under the pine trees. Look through the fence on your right and you'll see many orchid and house plant dealers. Ahead you'll see a pedestrian overpass. About 20 feet beyond this overpass there is an street going to the right which leads to the park entrance.  Go down about 100 yards and you'll come to an entryway on the right to get into the market. There are not many stamp dealers left at Chatuchak Weekend Market and making a trip there just for stamp dealers is a waste of time.


CAT operates philatelic sales services at several locations throughout the city. They sell current stamps, stamp collecting accessories, and they can initiate or service standing order accounts so you can get new stamps and related items through the mail. You can also set up a subscription to the CAT philatelic magazine at most of these locations.

Location: General Post Office

Map grid: G-6

Hours: Mon-Fri 0830-1730, Sat-Sun 0800-1300

Remarks: This outlet is at the left end of the main hall of the GPO.

Location: GPO Weekend Bourse

Map grid: G-6

Hours: Sat-Sun 0900-1700

Remarks: There are two lines of tables under the bourse tent. These folks operate from the table that is furthest from the main door of the GPO. There are usually two people at the table, one selling current stamps and the other arranging standing orders, magazine subscriptions etc.

Location: Grand Palace

Map grid: upper left corner of F-5

Hours: 1000-1500 daily

Remarks: This small philatelic sales area is located in the Royal Medals display within the Grand Palace compound. From the main entry gate of the Grand Palace walk straight back about 200 feet to where there is the first left turn walkway. Right inside this walkway are the ticket sales booths. If you intend to go inside, and you should as this is Thai artistry at its best, you can buy the entry tickets here, but they are not necessary if all you want to do is visit the philatelic sales area. To get it to, continue straight down this walkway and you'll see the entryway on the right immediately before the ticket collectors.

Location: CAT Postage Stamp Museum

Map grid: C-8 (lower center)

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 0900-1600

Remarks: Located behind the Sam Sen Nai Post Office. For more detailed locating data, see the main entry for the CAT Postage Stamp Museum.

Location: National Library

Map grid: lower right of D-5

Hours: Tue-Sun 0930-1630

Remarks: Located in the main building of the National Library just north of the intersection of Sri Ayutthaya and Sam Sen Roads. This is the building with a Thai flag flying over the portico. Enter the main hall and take the stairs to the second floor and you'll see the sales counter right in front of you as you get to the top of the staircase.

Chiang Mai


Location: 95/11 Khodchasan Road (opposite the senior citizens home)

Mail: Lanna Collection, 95/11 Khodchasan Road, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai City, 50100

Hours: Monday-Saturday 0800-1800

Tel: (053) 272-562, (053) 272-584

The store is owned by Mr. PhiChai KhongAaRaYaWaedChakun. According to their magazine advertisement, these folks deal in postage stamps, philatelic accessories, coins, medallions and telephone cards.


Location: 105/6 Rajadamner Road, Phra Sing Canton, Chiang Mai

Mail: Chieng Mai Stamp, 105/6 Rajdamnern Rd., T. Phra Sing, Muang Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand

Hours: Mon-Sat 0900-1730, Sun 0900-1400

Tel: (053) 276-776

This store is owned and operated by Mr. Ruangrit Leekitwatana. He's quite pleasant and speaks good, but not excellent, English. His clean and neat shop is adequate in size and ambience. Postage stamps are his major item but he also deals in currencies and telephone cards. Within postage stamps, topicals (thematics) are his major interest. This store does a fairly good business and is easily accessable to locals and tourists alike. Reportedly, his prices are very fair.