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Music Composed by:
Masamichi Amano
Music Performed by: Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Format: Compact Disc [Import]
Price: 2,800
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The following is a list of all of the tracks contained on the BR OST. I have listed all of the 23 tracks giving the running time of each and where abouts in the movie the piece of music can be found....

Track 1:
"Requiem" (Verdi)/ Prologue
- A fantastic start to the album that accounts for the whole opening of the movie, from the Toei logo all the way up to Nanahara getting knocked out on the bus. The track starts with "Requiem" by Verdi and is cut off by a piece that has characteristics that will emerge throughout the next 72 mins. Follows into more mellow music (Nanahara's fathers suicide) and takes off again with Kitanos stabbing.
Track Time: 06:38

Track 2:
Millennium Education Reform Act (BR Act)
- The introduction of Kitano. This is the music that plays when Kitanos helicopter is landing outside the school. The track leads all the way up to the point at which the corpse of Mr. Hayashida is exposed. Another track with militaristic tones, again with fast tapping marches.
Track Time: 03:01

Track 3:
- A fantastic track that can be summed up in one word: chaos. This is the piece that plays just as Kitano knifes Fujiyoushi. Theres actually two pieces of music in this one track. The second starts from when Oneesan explains about the neckcollars. Also, includes the ticking clock piece of music for when Nobu is about to die. Another amazing piece of music...
Track Time: 03:28

Track 4:
The Game Begins
- This is the piece of music that plays as the class are being called and given their weapons. This track leads all the way up to Nanahara and Noriko going to the cave. Nicely leading to the next track...
Track Time: 04:27

Track 5:
- One of recurring themes throughout the movie. This is the piece that plays as Nanahara remembers Nobu. A beautiful piece of music, that starts with piano and slowly fades to a complete orchestral theme. Can't you just see the tears well up in my eyes?
Track Time: 02:45

Track 6:
Slaughter House
- This plays during the scene where Kiriyama kills all of Numais gang. Its the introduction of Kiriyamas theme as well. The track also includes the music that plays in the Mitsuko/ Megumi showdown.
Track Time:03:32

Track 7:
Radetsky March (Strauss)
- Kitanos Pep Music! Its a shortened version of the complete piece of music...
Track Time: 01:40

Track 8:

- The track begins with Okii jumping from the bushes. Another chaotic and pounding piece thats full of life. The track continues all the way up to Yukiko and Kusakas deaths (complete with a variation on Kiriyamas Theme).
Track Time: 04:37

Track 9:
Blue Danube Waltz (Strauss)
- Kitanos Pep Music: Volume 2. Like the Radetsky March, this is a shortened version of the whole.
Track Time: 01:21

Track 10:

- Nanahara and Noriko going to/ at the clinic
Track Time: 01:46

Track 11:
Nanahara and Noriko Friendship
- Plays during Norikos speech about how she thought she'd age normally
Track Time: 02:15

Track 12:
Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen (Schubert)
- Chigusas flashback and death music
Track Time: 02:36

Track 13:
Kawadas Theme
- You should know this one. The brilliant piece that plays during Kawads flashback to Keiko... The tears are welling up again...
Track Time: 02:18

Track 14
Kiriyama Attacks

- Kiriyamas attack on Oda and the Clinic, all the way up to Nanahara and Hiroki diving into the water
Track Time: 04:30

Track 15:
Mimuras Determination

- A short track that plays during Mimuras speech about his uncle
Track Time: 01:13

Track 16:
Utsumi and Nanahara - Poison Medicine
- Part One of the Lighthouse tracks. This details everything from Nanahara awakening to Yukos thoughts of Oki
Track Time: 05:29

Track 17
The War Of Girls, Without Faith Nor Law

- Part Two of the Lighthouse tracks. All the way from Satomis paranoia to Nanahara atop the lighthouse. Another fantastic track.
Track Time: 04:28

Track 18:

- Nanaharas return to Noriko as he explains why he brought the weapons...
Track Time: 02:09

Track 19:
Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major (Bach)

- Mitsukos death all the way up to before the hacking
Track Time: 02:32

Track 20:

- Mimuras hacking of the monitoring systems all the way to Kiriyamas death
Track Time : 03:33

Track 21:
Teacher and Students/ Final Battle
- The haunting piece of music that plays over Kitanos revealing of the painting. Also the theme from the Special Version trailer.
Track Time: 01:56

Track 22:
Bitter Victory
- A reprise of the previous track without the vocals. This plays as the survivors leave the island on the boat.
Track Time: 02:17

Track 23:
A New Journey
- Kawadas Theme returns for his death scene and continues on with a hopeful ending. This plays all the way from the onscreen quote up until "Run!"
Track Time: 02:17

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