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On this site you will find information on the movie, pictures, news, updates on the upcoming dvd releases etc. The site is updated on a regular basis with new information and pictures. This was also the first English BR fansite on the net!

If you have anything: comments, queries, something to contribute to the site or if your name is Eri Ishikawa, please feel free to email me (especially if you're Eri Ishikawa! ^_-)

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Apologies for the neglect to the site. I've been extremely busy lately and rarely have free time to myself. However, I just wanted to reassure you frequent visitors that I have not lost interest in BR nor have I lost interest in the site. Once things finally start to quiten down, I'll be back to updating this place. There will be a complete overhaul of the site once this happens. (and you can quote me on that this time! ^_^)

Also, I wanted to let you all know that the English translated BR novel is finally out now.

Meanwhile, for those of you looking for news on BRII, may I recommend Mike's site: Constantly being updated (which is more I can say about this place!), it has all the up-to-date news on the forthcoming sequel.

And thanks to those who continue to visit the site. I'm amazed that the site still has a steady flow of visitors, despite the lack of updates. Thank you all. Also to the emailers, thanks for contacting me. I will try my best to reply to you all.

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