:: Toei Logo ::
0:00:05 -- 0:00:19
A newly created Toei logo warps onto the screen. In a very nice touch, the logo is actually placed "into" the scene with the waves. As the wave crashes, it lands over the logo. It then fades from the waves to a simple back and white logo

:: Opening Credits ::
0:00:20 -- 0:00:32
Following from the Toei logo, there are two new credits screens.

:: CG BR Act ::
0:00:35 -- 0:01:07
The text about the BR ACT now appears line-by-line rather than character-by-character. New "whooshing" noises are added as each line flies onto the screen. In the background, the BR logo is now a newly created CG spinning logo. The sequence ends with the BR logo stopped spinning and the line "Millennium Educational Reform Act AKA BR Act" slamming onto the screen. Impressive...most impressive

:: R-15 Logo ::
0:01:45 -- 0:01:50
After the prologue, a red R-15 logo appears and is then sliced in half by a sword revealing "A Film By Kinji Fukasaku". This was done supposedly because Fukasaku was very much opposed to the rating the film got.

:: CG Titles ::
0:01:51 -- 0:02:00
CG all the way! A newly created English title slams onto the screen, then revealing the katakana title (also in CG). A lens flare moves horizontally across the screen revealing "Special Version" (written in gold kanji).

:: Solo Class Photos ::
0:02:05 -- 0:02:12
The first photo of Kitano now crops out Noriko's face from the top left. This is because Noriko now gets her own few seconds in the spotlight. As does Nobu in the next shot.

:: Class A VS. Class B :: New Dialogue (670kb, .mp3)
0:03:55 -- 0:04:36
These shots begin with an additional shot of Kitano washing his hands. New dialogue from Nanahara runs over this shot. A whistle is then heard and we see the basketball match between Class 1A and Class 1B. Nanahara, Mimura, Sugimura all have plenty of screentime here as they pass, shoot and run around the court. The girls from the class play the part of cheerleaders whilst Mr.Hayashida cheers them on also.

:: Extra Frames on Bus ::
A few frames are missing from the bus scene. In the original version, the camera moves from the back of the bus to the Nanahara in a shot. This shot in Special Version omits a few frames from the start of the shot. Click the above picture to see one of the cut frames. This was probably done more than likely for pacing reasons...

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