Ireland Olympic Committee Pin

From time to time I will have a number of Olympic pins on this section to trade for Soccer badges\pins. From browsing on the internet I've found that this is a much more popular, and lucrative than Soccer badge collecting. I have in the past traded Soccer badges for Olympic badges on a one for one basis. I am a collector of badges not a seller of them, but having seen the prices I have seen displayed I will not trade on a one to one basis anymore. If you are interested in the badges displayed on this page email telling me (with a scan if possible of the badge you are willing to trade) with me for ones displayed here.


Holland NOC - Tulip Finland NOC - National flag of country with Olympic rings Ireland NOC
Argentina NOC Lumembourg NOC Holland NOC
Belguim NOC Switzerland NOC Spain - Atlanta 1996 Commerative
Puerto Rico NOC Pin Peurto Rico Commerative Pin 50th Peurto Rico Commerative Pin 50th
Guatemala NOC