Ferris asked to stay away from Republican events

THE Provisional Sinn Féin general election candidate in Kerry has been called upon not attend any more commemorations for IRA men executed by the Free State because his organisation has now recognised the Defence Forces as the only legitimate army of the State.
The call on Cllr Martin Ferris to stay away from commemorations was made at a meeting of the Munster Executive on March 1 by the Vice- President of Republican Sinn Féin, Des Long from Limerick.

Addressing delegates from Kerry, Cork, Tipperary, Clare and Limerick he said that the Provos cannot have it one way in the 26 Counties and another way in the 6 Counties.

“The next logical step for the Provos is to recognise the role of the British Army in Ireland,” said Mr. Long. “ The party of Cllr. Ferris has declared that it recognises the Defence Forces as the only legitimate army in the State. Therefore Cllr. Ferris must also recognise that the State has the right to jail, intern and execute people - and it would be a dishonour for him to continue to attend the annual commemoration for Charlie Kearns, executed by the Free State.

“The Provos have abandoned any Republican ideals - and as they have accepted the Defence Forces of the Dublin Administration, the logic is that they will now accept that the Provisional IRA is an illegitimate force.

“We in Republican Sinn Féin say that the British Army has no right to be in Ireland. We still object to British rule and we shall never accept the British forces of occupation.”

The Voice of the Irish Republican Movement.

Republican Sinn Féin
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