Prince of Persia

Level Maps

These are the complete level maps for version 1.4 of the original Prince of Persia game.

These screens were captured from the PC version of the game, running on Windows XP in a virtual PC. I used Jasc PaintSho Pro 7 on the host PC to capture the images. The thumbs link to full-size images.

I used the 'cheat mode' of the game to move around the playing area. This means that none of the 'shaky' tiles have fallen. There are several screens that are accessible in this way that are completely inacessible in normal game play. Levels 10 & 11 contain notable examples of this. I have shown these screens in place.

So far as I know, the levels are complete, but it may be that there are secrets I don't know. There are many intriguing unopenable doors and unreachable platforms, so if you know how to get past these obstacles, do let me know!

My level maps for Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame are available here.

It's many years now since I first played this game. Having done these maps, I'll probably never play it again. It's been fun.

Level thumb Size
Level 01 Level 01

577 KB
Level 02 Level 02

135 KB
Level 03 Level 03

1,508 KB
Level 04 Level 04

1,250 KB
Level 05 Level 05

1,176 KB
Level 06 Level 06

843 KB
Level 07 Level 07

1,385 KB
Level 08 Level 08

1,053 KB
Level 09 Level 09

972 KB
Level 10 Level 10

1,046 KB
Level 11 Level 11

1,028 KB
Level 12 Level 12

963 KB
Level 13 Level 13

1,104 KB