Irish Chiefs
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Irish Heraldic Officials 1552-Date


Ulster Kings of Arms

1552-1566 Bartholomew Butler

1566-1588 Nicholas Narbonne or Narbon

1588-1597 Christopher Ussher

1597-1625 Daniel Molyneux

1625-1632 Daniel Molyneux jointly with Adam Ussher

1632-1633 Adam Ussher

1633-1642 Thomas Preston

1643-1655 Dr William Roberts LLD

1655-1660 Richard Carney

1660-1683 Richard St George

1683-1692 Sir Richard Carney, Richard Carney Junior and George Wallis

1692-1698 Richard Carney Junior

1698-1722 William Hawkins

1722-1736 William Hawkins, jointly with John Hawkins

1736-1758 John Hawkins

1759-1764 James McCulloch

1765-1787 Sir William Hawkins

1787-1788 Gerald Fortescue

1788-1820 Sir Chichester Fortescue

1820-1853 Sir William Betham

1853-1892 Sir John Bernard Burke

1893-1908 Sir Arthur Vicars

1908-1940 Sir Nevile Rodwell Wilkinson

1940-1943 Thomas Ulick Sadleir, Acting Ulster


Chief Heralds of Ireland

1943-1954 Dr Edward MacLysaght

1954-1981 Gerard Slevin

1982-1995 Donal Begley

1995-1997 Dr Patricia Donlon, National Library Director

1997-2003 Brendan O Donoghue, National Library Director

2003-2005 Position vacant

2005-2009 Fergus Gillespie

2010-         Colette O'Flaherty, National Library Keeper of Manuscripts


Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms

1943-1944 Algar H S Howard

1944-1957 Sir Gerald W Wollaston

1957-1966 Aubrey J Toppin

1966-1971 Richard P Graham-Vivian

1971-1980 Walter J G Verco

1980-1995 John P B Brooke-Little

1995-1997 David H B Chesshyre

1997-2010 Thomas Woodcock

2010-         Patrick L Dickinson


Sean Murphy MA
Centre for Irish Genealogical and Historical Studies