Irish Chiefs
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 A full-length study of a remarkable genealogical scam
Sean J Murphy, Twilight of the Chiefs: The Mac Carthy Mór Hoax
Maunsel & Co, an imprint of Academica Press, Bethesda, Maryland, 2004
8 + 256 pages, hardback, illustrated, ISBN 1-930901-43-7
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Chiefs at Áras
Terence MacCarthy (left) and assorted chiefs with President Mary Robinson, 1991

A scholarly account of the origin and survival of Gaelic chiefships in Ireland, and of the imposture carried out by Terence MacCarthy of Belfast. MacCarthy successfully persuaded the Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland, the President of Ireland, many in the Irish establishment, and a substantial number of individuals abroad, that he was 'The Mac Carthy Mór', head of the royal house of Desmond or south Munster. The book describes the origin and progress of a profitable hoax, MacCarthy's exposure and 'abdication' in 1999, and the continuing reverberations of the affair. The work also features accounts of authentic chiefships and includes a Register of Irish Chiefs. See table of contents and sample extracts.

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